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TS19: Experience the U-Bahn!

Available now on the Steam and Dovetail Games Stores, Frankfurt U-Bahn brings to life an entire network of authentic, varied, and bustling light rail operations!


Starting off at Frankfurt Südbahnhof (along with 3 other lines), the U1 weaves its way underneath the centre of the city, calling at multiple underground stations before rising above the surface at Dornbusch. The U1 then follows the roads north as far as Zeilweg, where it splits off and turns tail, head back south and terminating at Ginnheim.


The second line out of Südbahnhof is the U2, and it follows the same path as U1 as far as Heddernheim, it then forks to the right, and continues winding north until it reaches Bad Homburg Gonzenheim – the northernmost station on the network.


Again, originating at Südbahnhof and following the previous lines, the U3 trends due North West, continuing on at Zeilweg instead of turning back like the U1. The line then serves the suburbs of Oberursel, and provides an interchange with the town’s main station along the way.


Starting just outside of the city centre at Bockenheimer Warte, the U4 line is one of two that serves Frankfurt Hbf, allowing for interchange with long-distance services departing the main terminus above. Then heading to the East, the line curves its way through the streets, before joining up with another line and terminating at Enkheim.


The U5 Line is the second to serve Frankfurt Hbf, and in fact terminates there, then it follows the U4 under the city before diverging north and running through the eastern streets of the city. The street running of the U5 makes it the most tram-like line put of the entire light rail network, and offers a unique perspective on the city as it makes its way to Preungesheim.


The only line to serve Frankfurt Ostbahnhof, the U6, connects the heart of the city to the western outskirts at Heerstraße, providing interchanges with many of the other lines en route, as well as with the Rhein-Main S-Bahn network. The line also calls at the Frankfurt Zoo, which with its connections makes it ideal for tourists being able to see all the sights.


Much like the U6, the U7 line weaves westward, although terminates on a separate branch at Hausen, and instead of ending in the city continues east, joining up with the U4 line and accompanying it to the end of the rails at Enkheim. It too serves the Zoo and interchanges with multiple lines, while not cramming additional services into the major hubs.


Back at the ever-busy termini that is Frankfurt Südbahnhof, the U8 line follows the path of the U3 for most of its journey north, turning away at Niederursel and coming to an end in Riedberg, providing a service vital service to the local university along the way.


Last but not least, the U9 is the only one that does not touch the underground heart of the network. Instead, it keeps to the north of the city, starting off with the U1 at Ginnheim before gradually weaving its way to its endpoint of Nieder-Eschbach on the U2, via Riedberg of the U8. This allows for increased capacity and interchange opportunities outside of the city itself.
And that is the Frankfurt U-Bahn in full: one network, nine lines, 65 km, 86 stations (27 underground), three types of light-rail train and available now on the Steam and Dovetail Games stores
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Train Simulator
15 Mar
TS19: Experience the U-Bahn!
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