Train Simulator

TS19: Climb Aboard the Jumbo

Romantic Railroads’ mighty DR BR 44 has arrived for yesteryear heavy hauling!
In their heyday, the DR BR 44s roamed around the rails in their hundreds, able to tackle freight across any terrain – and now, you can get a taste of the historic action in Train Simulator. Set upon the Berlin – Leipzig route, each career scenario is brought to life by authentic additions that can be interacted with, such as coal dust and grain loading points, period-accurate freight rolling stock, and representation of oil, coal, and coal dust-fired locomotives.

Key Features

  • DR BR 44 locomotive in clean and weathered DR and DB Red and Black liveries
  • Coal, Coal Dust and Oil-fired variants
  • Differing cabs and tenders based on firing type
  • DB Tdgs Wheat/Corn wagons with animated covers
  • DR and CSD Ucx Coal Dust wagons
  • Functional Coal Dust bunker and Wheat loading/unloading facilities
  • Simulated I60 system
  • Animated maintenance hatches and windows
  • Openable smoke box
  • Priming simulation
  • Boiler explosion simulation
  • 3 Career scenarios for Berlin – Leipzig
  • Quick Drive compatible
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Train Simulator
24 Jan
TS19: Climb Aboard the Jumbo
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