Bavarian Beauty!

Coming soon from Partner Programme developer RSSLO is the varied landscape and locale of the historic Allgäubahn route!

Noted for its place in German railway history, the Allgäubahn acts as a key link for passengers in the state of Bavaria, Southern Germany, with the city of Munich, and onwards to destinations into Austria and beyond.

The tiny island of Lindau was connected to other Bavarian settlements by rail in October 1853, following various phases of construction which started back in the late 1840s, with a finalising link to Munich opened in the 1870s. This scenic line is noted for being one of the oldest in Germany, and proved popular too as it required duplication by 1907.

Originally steam-hauled, services were drastically improved with the arrival of the V200 diesel locomotives, and adaptations to accepting tilting traction further reduced journey times for regional services. Today, the line is still un-electrified and plays host to almighty diesel traction such as the DB BR 245 of the popular TRAXX family.

The TRAXX locomotives from Bombardier are primarily electric, however a diesel variant was always offered for journeys away from the wires, and Deutsche Bahn took full advantage for the Allgäubahn. The DB BR 245, and accompanying new fleet of double-decker coaches, transformed services by bringing comfort and reliability to Bavaria.

A variety of regional and inter-city routes cover the Allgäubahn daily, and even ICE operated down to Lindau in the early 2000s before the ill-fated ICE TD fleet began its slippery slope to retirement. The line is less familiar with freight traffic, however it can serve as a diversionary route when required (although only when extra diesel traction cab be sourced).

Soon, the hills of southern Bavaria will come roaring to life, as diesel action comes to Train Simulator in the form of RSSLO’s Allgäubahn: Kempten - Lindau & Immenstadt - Oberstdorf route! ■


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