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TS20: Arriva Trains Wales Product Announcement

In light of Arriva Trains Wales ceasing to operate the Wales & Borders franchise in 2018, we will soon be retiring all Arriva Trains Wales content for Train Simulator.

What products does this affect?

  • South Wales Coastal
  • South Wales Coastal: Bristol - Swansea
  • Welsh Marches: Newport - Shrewsbury
  • Arriva Trains Wales Class 150/2
  • Arriva Trains Wales DMU Pack
  • South Wales Coastal Scenario Pack 01

What happens if I already own them?

If you already own any of the content above, then do not worry, they will stay as part of your collection.

How long until they are retired?

The mentioned products will be retired on April 14th, meaning you have roughly one week to pick them up before they are retired from sale, however, until then we are running discounts on each of these products so you can pick them up before they go.
Train Simulator
6 Apr
TS20: Arriva Trains Wales Product Announcement
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