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TS18: Amtrak Adventures!

Written by: Gary Dolzall.
With Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01, you’ll enjoy memorable American passenger railroading!
Climb aboard Amtrak’s stylish and historic Electro-Motive E8 for realistic and memorable American passenger railroading adventures – with the new Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores!
It was in May 1971 that Amtrak assumed the majority of U. S. intercity passenger services, piecing together a fleet of second-hand locomotives and post-war “streamliner” era passenger equipment to serve its newly formed national network. When it came to diesel locomotives, Amtrak looked to the venerable but still stylish Electro-Motive “E-unit” for power, acquiring a fleet of nearly 200 of the classic EMD E-units (including both E8s and similar E9s).
And now, with the new Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01, you can return to the fascinating formative years of Amtrak and crisscross America in ten highly authentic career scenarios based on actual Amtrak operations of the 1970s!
Created by High Iron Simulations, Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 takes you to three popular Train Simulator route – Union Pacific’s Sherman Hill; Southern Pacific’s Donner Pass; and Seaboard Coast Line’s Miami – West Palm Beach route and puts you at the throttle of a trio of notable Amtrak passenger trains: The San Francisco Zephyr, Floridian, and Silver Star. Let’s take a closer look:

Sherman Hill

As predecessor of today’s Amtrak California Zephyr, the San Francisco Zephyr operated between Chicago and the Bay Area via the Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, and Southern Pacific. The San Francisco Zephyr operated via Denver to Cheyenne, then across famed Sherman Hill. In a trio of authentic career scenarios on the Train Simulator Sherman Hill route, you’ll make the last leg of the run from Denver to Cheyenne, undertake a unique reverse move at Cheyenne, then head west across the always busy Sherman Hill line to Laramie, Wyoming.

Donner Pass

Few experiences in American railroading matched the legendary crossing of the Sierra Nevada Mountains via Southern Pacific’s dramatic Donner Pass, and in a selection of three realistic career scenarios for the Train Simulation Donner Pass route, you’ll handle both the westbound and eastbound editions of the San Francisco Zephyr (Amtrak Trains 5 and 6) across the seasons and on both the majestic east slope and rugged west slope of Donner Pass.

Miami – West Palm Beach

To say the least, sunny South Florida delivers a far different railroading experience than the rugged west, and in a quartet of career scenarios for the Train Simulator Miami – West Palm Beach route, you’ll climb into the cab of veteran Amtrak E8s to power two notable Florida trains: The Floridian and the Silver Star. The Floridian operated between Chicago and Florida, with sections running to Tampa and Miami, and you’ll handle both the northbound and southbound editions of the Miami section of the Floridian over the fast-paced and busy Seaboard Coast Line main line. And you’ll take the throttle, too, of the magnificent Miami-New York Silver Star.
With its ten career scenarios, Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 authentically re-creates the formative and fascinating years of Amtrak during the 1970s, when Electro-Motive E-units powered trains of classic “streamliner era” equipment.
Note: The pack’s scenarios require the Amtrak E8 Loco Add-On. Individual scenarios require the Donner Pass Southern Pacific route; the Sherman Hill route; or the Miami - West Palm Beach route (loco pack and routes available separately). The Amtrak E8 Loco Add-On includes required Amtrak passenger equipment and the Seaboard Coast Line General Electric U36B.
Take the throttle of Amtrak’s legendary Electro-Motive E8 and highball great American passenger trains – with the new Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores! – Gary Dolzall
Now available, Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 features 10 realistic career scenarios based on classic Amtrak 1970s operations that put you at the throttle for memorable American passenger railroading adventures in Wyoming, California, and Florida! Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.
The San Francisco Zephyr (Amtrak’s predecessor of the California Zephyr) is featured in six realistic career scenarios that take you across famed Sherman Hill and over magnificent Donner Pass. Track arrangements at Denver and Cheyenne required the San Francisco Zephyr’s power to swap ends with the consist being pulled backwards into Cheyenne. In a scene from the scenario “Cheyenne Shuffle,” the San Francisco Zephyr has just pulled into Cheyenne and will soon swap ends before heading west on the Union Pacific Laramie Subdivision.
In the two-part career scenario “West from Cheyenne,” Train 5 – the westbound San Francisco Zephyr – rolls across Union Pacific’s bustling Laramie Subdivision and famed Sherman Hill, encountering a three-train meet at Borie (above), then later pulling into Laramie (below).
Dramatic railroading atop the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains awaits in Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01’s three Train Simulator Donner Pass scenarios. Climbing upgrade near Boca on a winter morning in the scenario “Truckee Bound,” the westbound San Francisco Zephyr is powered by a trio of (above). In the scenario “Down Donner Track 1,” Amtrak Train 5 is arriving at a rainy Roseville, California after a trip down Donner’s daunting west slope (below).
In the career scenario “Donner Spring,” Amtrak Train 6 – the eastbound San Francisco Zephyr – meets a Southern Pacific freight on the east slope of Donner Pass near Andover (below), then a short time later eases toward its station stop at Truckee, California (below).
Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 also takes you 3,000 miles from California, to sunny South Florida, and delivers fast-paced action in four career scenarios on the Train Simulator Miami – West Palm Beach route. In the two-part scenario “Floridian Northbound,” you are the engineer of the Miami section of Amtrak’s Floridian, making a run along the route’s many scenic waterways (above), and in the scenario “Nocturnal Amtrak Arrival,” you will cover the last lap of the Floridian’s Chicago – Miami run, bringing the train into Miami station (below).
The famed Miami-New York Silver Star is your charge in the scenario “Silver Icon” on the Miami – West Palm Beach route, meeting a southbound Seaboard Coast Line train (above), and making a superb sight as it flashes through a gentle curve. Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 is now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores!
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TS18: Amtrak Adventures!
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