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64 Reasons to Play Train Simulator – I: TS2019

Over the next several weeks, we are going to be covering all the reasons why you should be playing Train Simulator, and if you already are, maybe there will be something you haven’t thought of yet!
This week, we are going to be covering the latest and greatest: Train Simulator 2019

1: 64-Bit

The biggest update to Train Simulator in years, it is going 64-bit! Many of you are proud of the extensive collections you’ve built, and you’ve invested many hundreds of hours into Train Simulator, and so going 64-bit is the best possible thing we can do to ensure your collections continue to be accessible and playable well into the future particularly as computers are always moving forward.
The 64-bit update will free for existing players, and will of course ship as part of TS2019 onwards for new players. We’ve also implemented other fixes/additions as part of the core upgrade, which we will talk about at a later date.

2: Soldier Summit

Explore the stunning plains and valleys that make Soldier Summit one of the best loved mountain passes of the western United States.
This important transportation route climbs the Wasatch Plateau, connecting Helper and Provo along the D&RGW’s highest route in Utah, while traversing the famed Gilluly loops - a series of horseshoe curves - on the western approach to the summit provide that spectacular scenes as heavy freight trains power their way up the pass.
Motive power for the varied operations comes in the form of D&RGW’s SD40T-2, GP9 and Amtrak’s F40PH locomotives.

3: Salt Lake City

Expanding upon the already extensive experience of Soldier Summit, this extended route takes the tracks all the way to Salt Lake City.
Key locations of the Salt Lake City extension include: the expansive Geneva Steel Works located adjacent to the D&RGW main line north of Provo at Vineyard, Utah; D&RGW’s sprawling and busy Roper Yard in Salt Lake City; and two large and classic rail passenger stations in Salt Lake City as built by the Union Pacific and Rio Grande.
This expanded route delivers the full experience of Rio Grande’s rugged Sixth Subdivision of the railroad’s Utah Division and, from Helper on the east to Salt Lake City on the west, represents over 100 miles of big-time, rugged Western mountain railroading!

4: The Rhine Railway

Operate inter-city, regional and key freight services along one of Germany’s most strategically important rail lines, the Rhine Railway.
Covering both the classic lines between Mannheim and Karlsruhe, and the newer, dedicated high-speed link, the Rhine Railway follows its namesake river and sees countless local and international traffic every day, including from Mannheim’s marshalling yard, which is one of the largest in Europe.
You’ll be taking to the Rhine rails aboard the DB BR 406 ICE 3M, DB BR 189, DB BR 425 and DB BR 294, performing passenger duties and also hauling mixed freight.

5: Frankfurt High Speed

To stretch your legs even further, Frankfurt High Speed expands upon the Rhine Railway, adding the scenic Riedbahn from Mannheim to Frankfurt am Main!
As an extension to the already bustling corridor between Karlsruhe and Mannheim, opportunity awaits to take key ICE passenger services into the historic and expansive Frankfurt Hbf, as well as the city’s essential rail link to the international airport. The combined forces of the Riedbahn and the Rhine Railway make for over 130 km of high speed action.

6: Portsmouth Direct Line

A true capital-to-coast service, the Portsmouth Direct Line links London’s largest terminus with the historic town of Portsmouth.
The “Portsmouth Direct” was built to cut down journey times between London and the harbour town, which was previously only served by an indirect route from the west. Calling at major towns en route, and branching off the sprawling main line out of London Waterloo, this route today is 70 miles of non-stop suburban and semi-fast passenger action.
A trifecta of South West Trains traction awaits your command, the BR Class 450, BR Class 444, and BR Class 455.

7: Extra Editions

As if getting all that wasn’t enough, we will also bringing a few varied editions of TS2019 that will include everything above, and something extra to give you even bigger deals! We will reveal more on the various TS2019 editions soon.

8: The Release Date

Train Simulator 2019, the extra editions, the free update to 64-bit and other improvements will be available October 11th, 2018!
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Train Simulator
64 Reasons to Play Train Simulator – I: TS2019
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