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TS20: 4,300 horses, 400,000 pounds!

Written by: Gary Dolzall.
The 4,300-horsepower Electro-Motive SD9043MAC diesel now comes to Train Simulator in Union Pacific livery!
Union Pacific’s distinctive Electro-Motive SD9043MAC – all 4,300-horsepower, 400,000 pounds, and 80-feet of it – now comes to Train Simulator!
North America’s large railroads have historically had an appetite for ever bigger and more powerful locomotives and in the mid-1990s, both Electro-Motive and General Electric attempted to satisfy that horsepower hunger with single-power-plant, six-axle, 6,000-horsepower diesel locomotives. GE’s entry into this 6,000-horsepower locomotive competition was the AC6000CW, while Electro-Motive cataloged the SD90MAC.
History shows that the market for such a large locomotive proved limited and that from a technology and reliability standpoint, the locomotives proved considerably less than hoped. Among North American railroads, only Union Pacific and CSX purchased the GE AC6000CW, while Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific lined up for the EMD SD90MAC.
In the case of the SD90MAC, EMD’s planned 265H-series power plant was both delayed in production and then proved unpopular. As a result, only 68 6,000-horsepower SD90MACs were eventually constructed. Given the availability issues with the 265H engine, EMD came up with what was first intended as an interim solution - but which in fact proven permanent. EMD constructed 410 of its 90-series locomotives with 4,300-horsepower 710-series engines as employed in its SD70 line. The intention was that these 4,300-horsepower diesels would, when the 265H engine was available and proven, be repowered with the 6,000-horsepower engine, but no such repowering would ever occur.
The 4,300-horsepower version of the SD90 came to be known as the “SD9043MAC” (or often the “SD9043AC”). While the 6,000-horsepower SD90MACs proved to have a short service life, the SD9043MACs went on to serve extended careers (albeit with periods of storage). Union Pacific rostered the largest SD9043MACs fleet at 309 units and while most UP units have now been retired, many SD9043MACs remain in service with second-hand owners, either in as-built form or rebuilt into SD70 variants. Among second-hand owners of the SD9043MAC are the regional Indiana Rail Road and Norfolk Southern, which has acquired 100 units which it is rebuilding into SD70ACUs.
During the SD9043MACs active years on the Union Pacific, the diesels most often worked heavy-tonnage trains such as unit grain or coal consists and regardless of their lack of commercial success, the massive diesels – which stretched 80-feet long, weighed more than 400,000 pounds, sported huge flared radiators, and rode atop advanced HTCR radial trucks – made for an impressive sight from trackside.
Now available for Train Simulator duty, the burly SD9043MAC wears Union Pacific’s famed and classic yellow-and-gray livery and features realistic cab controls and operating features. And the add-on includes a trio of career scenarios for the recently released Granger Heartland: Kansas City – Topeka route (route available separately). Climb aboard for memorable heavy freight-hauling – with the Union Pacific Electro-Motive SD9043MAC for Train Simulator – now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores! - Gary Dolzall
The SD9043MAC, a 4,300-horsepower version of Electro-Motive’s titan SD90MAC, is now available for Train Simulator in classic Union Pacific livery (above and below). More than 400 of these high-horsepower locomotives were constructed by Electro-Motive in the years 1995-2000 and Union Pacific rostered 309 of the husky diesels. Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.
Powered by EMD’s 710-series engine, key features of the SD9043MAC (also often called the SD9043AC) are its North American comfort cab, flared radiators, HTCR radial trucks, and large external sand boxes on the rear platform (above). The 4,300-horsepower units weigh in at more than 400,000 pounds. As an engineer on the new SD9043MAC, you’ll work from a modern desk-style operator’s console (below). Note: Screenshots depict content in development.
At Union Pacific’s sprawling Armourdale Yard on the Train Simulator Granger Heartland: Kansas City – Topeka route, the 80-foot length of Union Pacific SD9043MAC 3753 occupies virtually the entire breadth of the engine terminal’s turntable.
Union Pacific has typically employed its EMD SD9043MACs on heavy tonnage. Rolling east across the plains of Kansas, UP 3543 has grain in tow (above), while SD9043MAC 3600 leads a unit coal train through Topeka (below).
With coal from the Powder River Basin trailing behind, UP SD9043MAC 3600 is on the point of an eastbound unit train at Topeka on the Train Simulator Granger Heartland: Kansas City – Topeka route. The SD9043MAC add-on includes a trio of scenarios for the recently released route.
Climb aboard for memorable heavy freight-hauling – with the new Union Pacific Electro-Motive SD9043MAC for Train Simulator – now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores!
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21 Nov
TS20: 4,300 horses, 400,000 pounds!
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