Train Sim World 4

Xbox Game Pass – TSW4: Standard Edition

Train Sim World 4: Standard Edition is now on Xbox Game Pass!
If you’re an Xbox player on Game Pass and still waiting to jump into Train Sim World 4, then now is your chance! You can now make use of the latest routes and locomotives across the UK, Austria and USA and brand-new features to the series such as Free Roam and Photo Mode.

Train Sim World 4: Standard Edition includes:

  • Training Center, the 8F steam locomotive and Class 323 EMU
  • East Coast Main Line, the LNER Class 801 Azuma and Class 66 freight locomotive
  • S-Bahn Vorarlberg and the ÖBB 4024
  • Antelope Valley Line, the Metrolink F125 and Rotem Cars
  • Free Roam and Photo Mode Features
  • Livery Designer, Scenario Planner and Creators Club
Once you’ve settled in, you can also look at adding some of the newest route Add-ons to your Train Sim World collection, such as the fan-favourite Blackpool Branches, rural German Maintalbahn or stunning Swiss Berninalinie.
All Train Sim World 4 add-ons are available with a 10% discount for Game Pass players.
For a guide on how to download Train Sim World 4 on Xbox Consoles, see our handy video below:
Similarly, if you’re playing on via the Xbox App on PC, we have a video for that too!
And if you’re looking to expand your collection by purchasing additional routes and locomotives, our Xbox Add-on guide can help with that.
If you've purchased previous versions of Train Sim World, all your Add-ons will port over onto Train Sim World 4 - you can find out how to download them, as well as loads of other handy information on our Getting Started in TSW4 guide.
If you've previously owned a Train Sim World disk, please contact our Support team and we can help - the link above has details on how you can do that.
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And remember to put the 11th February in your diary! 1900 UTC marks the start of our DOVETAIL DIRECT Spring 2024, where we’ll reveal more about previously teased content and announce new releases for Train Sim World.
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Train Sim World 4
6 Feb
Xbox Game Pass – TSW4: Standard Edition