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Train Sim World - Winter Sales

Winter is well and truly under way and with it comes a time of festive fun, cosy warm days indoors and... sales!
The Steam Winter Sale starts today 22nd December 2022 and runs through to 5th January 2023.
This could be the perfect time get introduced to Train Sim World 3, or bolster your collection with Train Sim World Compatible Add-ons.
Players on Epic, PlayStation and Xbox platforms can learn more about their respective sales at the bottom of this article.

Jump into Train Sim World 3 – up to 40% off!

Train Sim World 3 brings with it new routes, new lighting, dynamic weather and the Training Center as well as, in Train Sim World 3: Deluxe Edition, an updated version of Spirit of Steam.
The three core routes in Train Sim World 3 are:
  • Cajon Pass: Haul BNSF freight through California with the powerful ES44C4 and SD40-2 locomotives.
  • Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel-Würzburg: Move passengers at up to 280 km/h with the ICE1.
  • Southeastern Highspeed – Extended: Master Britain’s fastest domestic passenger train with Class 395 ‘Javelin’
Both Train Sim World 3: Deluxe Edition and Train Sim World 3: Standard Edition are 40% off, as is the Loco Add-on Bundle, which adds the RHTT Class 66, Santa Fe F7 and Dispolok BR 182 to their respective Train Sim World 3 routes.

Regional Starter Packs – up to 35% off!

Train Sim World 3: Regional Starter Packs are also available, bringing all of the lighting and weather updates and the Training Center, as well as one route depending on the region.
No previous Train Sim World content is required, allowing for an accessible introduction into the Train Sim World experience with a focus on one regional route.
Train Sim World 3: UK Birmingham Starter Pack - 25% off in the sale - is the latest such pack available, allowing you to master the West Midlands with the WMR Class 323. This 3-car / 6-car EMU, with its distinctive traction motor sounds moves crowds of passengers in and around Britain’s second city Birmingham from Lichfield down to both Bromsgrove and Redditch in Worcestershire.
This route can also be purchased as an Add-on in the sale with 25% off.

Add to your collection with Train Sim World Compatible content: 60% off!

Enjoy a varied back catalogue of freight, passenger and urban commuter routes or add locomotives to your roster that can be used in Train Sim World 3 through Scenario Planner. Included are some of the most popular routes in the Train Sim World Compatible collection, as well as some of our own favourites:

Canadian National Oakville Subdivision: Hamilton – Oakville – 60% off

Take control of unique Canadian traction with CN’s GP9RM and the more conventional EMD GP38-2 to haul a variety of cargo across part of the Oakville Subdivision. Newly manufactured autos, steel, grain, chemicals and ethanol make up consists moving in and out of the Port of Hamilton and on to Oakville, Ontario.

Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow - Newton & Neilston – 60% off

BREL’s Class 314 has been a favourite among railfans and Glasgow locals over the decades before being phased out in recent years. The Cathcart Circle Line sees these units run endlessly in and out of Glasgow Central and on to Newton and Neilston via the city suburbs. Players that own the Train Sim World: Northern Trans-Pennine Add-on (70% off in the sale) can also run diesel rail tour services on this busy Scottish route.

Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lubeck – 60% off

The classic DB BR 112 can be run from both within the locomotive and from the controls of the cab car between Hamburg and Lubeck. Hauling freight is the sleek and modern ES 64 U2 in its attractive MRCE black livery. Players who have recently picked up the newest German route Train Sim World 3: Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg, can make use of service layers from Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lubeck and other German Train Sim World Compatible route Add-ons.

LGV Mediterranee: Marseille – Avignon – 60% off

Train Sim World’s first French route has remained one of the most popular to date and sees players move passengers at up to km/h down to south of France from the city of Avignon. Getting to grips with the TVM430 signalling system can be an exciting challenge at such high speeds, much like Train Sim World 3’s Southeastern Highspeed route.
Other Train Sim World Compatible Add-ons are available with discounts of up to 70%!
The Steam Winter Sale runs through until January 5th 2023.

Xbox, Epic and PlayStation Sales

Players on Xbox, Epic and PlayStation platforms can also take advantage of sales running through until the 2nd, 5th and 6th January respectively. Train Sim World 3: Standard & Deluxe Editions, Starter Packs and Train Sim World Compatible Add-ons feature. You can head over to the sales by clicking on the infographics below.

The Holiday Express – Runaway Elf – OUT NOW

Outside of the sales, The Holiday Express – Runaway Elf is out now and bringing Train Sim World 3 players into a nostalgia-filled, festive living room from the 1980s. It’s the perfect Train Sim World content for all the family – as shown in our latest Gameplay Video:
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Train Sim World 4
Train Sim World - Winter Sales