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TSW: Whistle while you Work

The Trans-Pennine route between Leeds and Manchester was, and still is, a key passenger link for local residents and city workers – however in its heyday it was also a vital corridor for freight traffic.
Enter the BR Heavy Freight Pack, which is coming soon to Train Sim World!
The BR Heavy Freight Pack will bring together two icons of British Motive Power, the BR Class 40, one of the first mass produced diesel-electric locomotive classes for British Railways, and the BR Class 08, perhaps one of the most common sights on the British railway network. This bumper double-loco pack shall deliver iconic and historic heavy freight operations to the Northern Trans-Pennine route.
A total of 200 BR Class 40 ‘Whistlers’ were built by English Electric over a four-year period from 1958 and were,for a time, considered to be the pride of British Rail’s early diesel fleet. Despite the mixed success of the initial 10 Class 40 prototypes, BR ordered a further 190 locomotives. Such were the changes in working practices during the build period of the ‘Whistlers’ (so called because of their distinctive turbo whistle sound), that batches were delivered with significant design differences.
The BR Class 08 was the ‘go to’ locomotive for general purpose duties, with almost any shunting required in yards and at stations carried out by a ‘Gronk’ (again, named for their noise). Over a ten-year period from 1952, almost 1,000 models were built at British Railways’ Derby, Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster and Horwich Works, making it the most numerous of all BR classes.
Combined, the 2 locomotives will bring to life the bygone era of British Rail freight haulage as you move thousands of tons of fuel and goods over the challenging Trans-Pennine grades, watch this space to find out more about the BR Heavy Freight pack, coming soon to Train Sim World!
The BR Heavy Freight Pack is coming soon to Train Sim World, and the headlining motive power is the iconic BR Class 40 in worse-for-wears BR Blue livery. Two variants of the ‘Whistler’ will feature; the centre headcode nose with marker lights (above) and headcode discs (below).
The second locomotive in the BR Heavy Freight Pack line-up is the BR Class 08, suitable weathered and ready for shunting duty. Accompanying the pair are two pieces of freight rolling stock; a 2-axle box van (above) and TEA tanker wagon (below).
With a rake of box vans in-tow, a BR Class 40 races past a Trans-Pennine passenger service bound for Manchester and beyond. The Class 40 will bring additional services for yesteryear freight haulage on the Train Sim World: Northern Trans-Pennine Route.
Passing over the River Calder on a crisp winter’s morning is a pair of Class 40s shifting over 1500 tonnes of fuel – freight duties were a regular sight over the Pennines, and soon you’ll be at the helm as the BR Heavy Freight Pack is coming soon to Train Sim World!
Don’t forget, you can experience more British freight action with the upcoming Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line route, which can be yours on May 23rd, and PC players can pre-order now by clicking below.
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TSW: Whistle while you Work