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West Cornwall Local Arriving Soon

Rivet Games’ West Cornwall Local arrives in Train Sim World 2, November 4th!
We are excited to announce the new release date for Rivet Games’ upcoming West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives route. On November 4th, all players will be able to tour the beautiful Cornish countryside in the Class 150/2 and BR Class 37/5! In the time taken to address issues (Update notes here), the timetable has also seen some additional work in the form of a new layer which adds over 20 playable services!
These services include:
Loco-hauled passenger and mail services between St. Austell and Penzance, combined with light loco moves and BR Class 08 pilot procedures at Penzance. Various sidings and yards have been populated with static rolling stock, and the BR Class 101 is driveable on the existing BR Class 150 services, as a few heritage DMUs were still roaming the Cornish Countryside by the early 1990s.
The loco-hauled services can be driven with the Class 40, 45, 47, as well as the included Class 37, adding a variety of driving experiences to the route.
Please note, in order to access these additional services you will need to own Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester - Leeds Route and the BR Heavy Freight Loco Pack for Train Sim World 2.
West Cornwall Local is coming to Train Sim World 2, November 4th. Stay up to date and more by following @TrainSimWorld on Twitter and Facebook.
Due to the Preserved Collection not being available currently on the Epic Games Store, West Cornwall Local will not have access to the new layers at launch.
Train Sim World 3
West Cornwall Local Arriving Soon