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Update Notes 16/03/2022 - Highlights

In the run up to Harlem releasing, the March 16th update includes the first batch of Preservation updates. We will be continuing to deliver these in batches over the coming weeks. Alongside the Preservation updates, this week we have improvements to Core, Creators Club and London Commuter.
Here’s some highlights of what’s included -
  • Improved the cloud visuals by changing the cloud textures resulting in a more realistic look. (With help from Londonmidland)
Creators Club
  • Fixed instances where after subscribing to a new mod from Creators Club the in-game textures would appear at their lowest level of detail.
  • Added support so that you can now refresh Creators club subscriptions.
  • Updated PIS on Köln-Aachen so that it now displays line numbers correctly
  • Updated PIS on Köln-Aachen to show the correct information for each station.
  • Static trains have been added across the route, utilising Main-Spessart Bahn, Rhein-Ruhr Osten, BR363 and BR101 DLCs. Available on PC and 9th Gen consoles only.
Bakerloo Line
  • Updated the 1972 stock name in the livery designer so that it's easier to find. It's now listed as BKR 1972 MkII Tube Stock
London Commuter
  • Updated formations on London Commuter that have been responsible for causing a game crash.
You can find the complete update notes here
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16 Mar
Update Notes 16/03/2022 - Highlights