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Underground Classic

Experience a true London veteran with Rivet Games’ London Underground 1938 Tube Stock coming soon to Train Sim World 2!
Today we have been joined by Rivet Games to give us a bit of insight into the creation of this classic passenger unit..

Hey, would you like to introduce yourself and what you do at Rivet Games?

Hi, thanks for having me! I’m Matt, I am a vehicle artist for Rivet Games, and I work on creating a lot of the vehicles you play today on the Train Sim World routes.

What’s unique and different about the London Underground 1938 Stock?

The train is small and has a very unique seating layout with bench seats that run down the length of the train. It also has a very classic look and I haven't seen many trains like it! We have also built a non driving motor unit as well as a trailer unit as this is how they originally ran. In terms of the differences in looks between this and the Class 483, a couple of examples would be that the front of the train has a different headlight cluster and wiper layout. There a number of changes that are different from the 483 inside the cab, it now includes the weak field control and it’s been remodelled, so it is more authentic to the 1938 Stock.

How does gameplay differ with this loco compared to the 1972 Mark 2 Stock and the BR Class 483?

Because this is an older train, you’ll really feel just how old it is when conducting services, you’ll find that this is a lot harder to stick to the timetable than in the 1972 Mark 2. Gameplay-wise, it’ll be much more intense on the Bakerloo line compared to the Isle of Wight so your concentration levels will have to be high!

What research went in to creating this locomotive?

A lot of research went into building this locomotive. We had to decide what era we wanted to build this train in as there has been many iterations of it over the years it’s been around. As this was going to be playable on the Bakerloo route we based this on a 70s version of the 1938 Stock where they made a few modifications to it. We spent a lot of time comparing old references to make sure we were as close as we could be to that period of time. We also spoke to LTTG (London Transport Traction Group) who are currently restoring a 1938 Stock. They provided us with drawings and other information to help us provide you with a more authentic experience. By way of thanking them for their help in providing reference, we included two posters that they had made inside the train which can just about be made out on the teaser shot we released at the start of the week.

What did you enjoy most about creating the 1938 stock?

As a vehicle artist I really enjoyed texturing the cab. Personally, it’s one of the more interesting parts of actually making a vehicle, when you get to put the colour down and work on the finer details i.e. texturing dirt. I also really enjoyed seeing when we placed all the different units we created on our test track and seeing it drive for the first time!

And finally, What's your favourite thing about this classic loco?

It’s one of the only trains I’ve worked on, out of the many trains I have textured that uses wood as one of its main materials. It has wood floors and wood pillars in the passenger area and it’s really interesting to work on train that has that sort of detail. I have really enjoyed being able to work on something that looks a little bit different to what we’re used to today.
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24 Sep
Underground Classic