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Expansion Bundles – Out Now for Train Sim World 4!

Add more to the service timetables of each core route with Expansion Bundles, now available on PC and Console platforms.
Whether you’ve been free-wheeling in Free Roam, experimenting with The Editor or perfecting with Photo Mode there’s been loads to do with the release of Train Sim World 4 – as well as operating our newest trains on our newest routes!
But if you’re really getting through those timetabled services and smashing scores on the set Scenarios, you might be thinking, what next? How can I get more from each of the core routes?
Out now are a selection of Expansion Bundles featuring Train Sim World Compatible Add-ons that layer into each of the new Train Sim World 4 routes. This expands the number of playable and AI timetabled services, giving a more diverse choice of trains to drive and see throughout the routes, making for a more involved and busy experience.
These bundles are now available on all platforms! Steam bundles come with the ‘Complete My Collection’ feature, meaning if you have some of the content listed in these bundles, you can still save by purchasing the outstanding ones.
Purchase of any Train Sim World 4 edition is required to make use of these Expansion Bundles.

Train Sim World 4: UK Expansion Bundle

The UK Expansion Bundle brings the East Midlands Trains Class 158 to the route operating Norwich to Liverpool, Nottingham and Sheffield services across part of the line between Grantham and Peterborough and adding a healthy amount of DMU traffic to this otherwise electric, high-speed route.
The Thameslink Class 700 populates Peterborough Station with AI services heading out of the map plus some playable ECS services too and the Class 66 RHTT allows seasonal cleaning to take place – perfect for playing during these autumn months! Class 66 freight services utilising content from Southeastern Highspeed can also be operated.
Once you’ve filled your ECML boots, you can then enjoy the native services that Midland Main Line and Southeastern Highspeed routes offer.

Train Sim World 4: USA Expansion Bundle

For Antelope Valley Line, this bundle adds all that’s required to see and play a host of freight services on the line, namely the prototypical Union Pacific trains that make use of this territory. Both Sherman Hill and Cane Creek Add-ons provide the SD70ACe and AC4400CW locomotives and a special service can be run with the iconic Santa Fe F7.
Once you’ve mastered freight on our latest US route, you can then enjoy a change of Californian scenery with Cajon Pass or take to Sherman Hill and Cane Creek themselves.

Train Sim World 4: German Expansion Bundle

The interchangeable nature of the German railway network’s plethora of units and locomotives means that service layers can be quite complex for our Germany content!
For this bundle, applicable to the Dresden – Riesa route Add-on, we’ve focused on the additional services offered up by the high-speed BR 406 ICE 3M from Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen and the DB BR 187 loco Add-on for that route. As well as services from Haupstrecke Rhien Ruhr, including the DB BR 101 loco Add-on.
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Train Sim World 4
14 Feb
Expansion Bundles – Out Now for Train Sim World 4!