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Train Sim World 3 Patch Notes - Save Game Toggle and more - 29th September

Thanks very much for your continued feedback on Train Sim World 3. Today we’ll be launching the first of several post-release updates, with quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, as well as re-introducing a Save Game toggle for those who have been asking for its return. Read on to find out more below.
Note: This update will rollout over the weekend for console and PC Game Pass players. Keep an eye out!

Settings and UI

Reintroduced Save Game
Thank you for your continued feedback on this one. There will now be a toggle in the settings menu to enable / disable the save game feature, which is currently the same functionality from within TSW2. See the below screenshot on where you can find this.
As a quick note: this is the same Save Game feature you saw in Train Sim World 2.
We are working on ongoing improvements which you'll be seeing in future patches, but we felt it important in the meantime to provide a toggle for those who are happy to take the risk. Based on this, the setting will be set to disabled by default.
For those of you who do choose to enable save game, please send us any feedback over on our forums as we’ll be looking to pinpoint particular routes and work on improving individual issues we can identify.
While we’re on the topic of additional UI settings and features, we have also implemented a Mouse sensitivity slider for PC players and fixed imports of scenarios and liveries when transferring a profile from TSW2.


Let’s jump into the gameplay issues we’ve addressed, where we’ve been fixing leaky ceilings and holes underneath structures so now rain, snow and lighting should correctly behave. Lighting strikes themselves will also occur at a greater distance away from the player.
We had an issue with fog getting extremely dense when moving from a high to a lower altitude, which has now been fixed so you can now fully embrace the environment while plummeting down from the Cajon Pass summit!
For anyone unable to finish the BR Class 465 tutorial, this is now fixed and therefore unlocking the Achievement is now possible.
And finally, SIFA and PZB can be triggered from Gamepad and RailDriver


We have been seeing many reports of semi-circular visual errors above the wheels on various locomotives, which includes the recently added Class 66. These have now been resolved.
From leaky ceilings to leaky bulbs, we’ve found passenger lights on the BR Class 101 were leaking light into the cab and tunnels, so they have been reworked to fix this as well as improve performance. In addition, we’ve addressed the Dopplestock headlights being stuck constantly on.
Finally, we’ve also added a useful tooltip to the ICE1 to help with recovering from an emergency stop that requires the use of the HLL Fill button to recharge the brake pipe.


In terms of sound, we gave the BR Class 375 our attention which will now have correctly reduced audio inside the cab when the windows and doors are all shut, and we added deceleration sounds.
And for our Long Island Railroad and Harlem Line players, the M7 Traction Engine sounds will also now no longer cut out after first 4 coaches pass.
Please see a full changelog of the patch below:

Full Changelog


UI / System
  • Added toggle to settings menu to enable/disable save game functionality -This is disabled by default while it is currently being worked on further
  • Mouse Sensitivity added to settings
  • Scenarios and liveries will import correctly when transferring profiles.
  • Added ‘scroll to last selected route’ button when backing to the route selection menu
  • Added option to return to the timetable menu after completing a service
  • Added option to include/exclude tutorials from quick play
  • Added difficulty and length info to campaign events UI
  • Disabled the Copy button when at max number of scenarios created in the scenario designer
  • Fixed progress bar colour and wrapping of text in mastery menu
  • Hide Discount banner on store items now on by default
  • Fixed height of Signed In profile widget
  • Added Green Tick to completed services in timetable menu
  • Fixed custom weather presets not updating sliders properly in weather menu
  • Scenario Designer will show first stop length instead of shortest stop length
  • Pause menu will no longer toggle when clicking Esc in the route map
  • Pause menu will now correctly load 2D Map
  • Debriefing screen names and experience numbers will no longer extend out of the window
  • Settings will now save when clicking "apply" with unchecked options
  • Store image thumbnails now load properly
  • Lightning will no longer strike under cover and will be at a greater distance from the player
  • Fix for fog getting extremely dense when starting at a high altitude and driving to a lower altitude
  • Fixed clothing material on characters and passengers to prevent odd shading and glitter-like appearance on edges
  • After rain stops, performance should return to same level
  • Tees Valley Line decals will now properly change colour
  • BR Class 465 tutorial can now be completed, thus unlocking the Achievement as well
  • Fixed introduction tutorial achievements

Southeastern High-Speed

  • Removed snow from under station canopies, inside tunnels and under bridges
  • Car stop signs visually updated to align correctly to DOO monitors
  • Route indication signals changed to match current designations
  • Passengers should now board trains correctly on the platform at Ebbsfleet International
  • Players can no longer fall through the ground at Gravesend – Of all the places to be sending players six feet under!
  • Added Wheel blur to MFA wagons
  • No rain will be inside the depot
  • Player will no longer be able to walk through fences
  • OPO monitors should now be in the right places
  • Player should not be randomly blocked in Ashford around sidings
  • Lighting fixes for the North Downs Tunnel
Class 465
  • Reverser and Master Key now work as expected in both Immersion and Classic input modes
Class 395
  • Front destination should correctly display the final destination on platform boards
  • DSD/DVD pedal will trigger only when system is turned on and above 3mph / AWS/TPWS buttons will only sound when either system is enabled, and input is required/expected
Class 375 - Improved Audio
  • Fixed issue whereby the cab wind was playing far too loud when a window was open
  • Reduced rain audio when inside the cab with windows and doors shut
  • Traction motors should now be audible during deceleration
Class 66
  • Coupler should now animate as expected
  • Adjustments to physics to avoid unexpected stalling at low RPMs
  • Cab Light First Time Use Reward should now trigger correctly
  • Removed semi-circular white artefacts from wheels

Cajon Pass

  • Resolved issues that caused the player to be kicked out to the main menu suddenly
  • The 2D map will now update when selecting a range of starting points
  • Fixes to Scenario Designer map tags
  • Correction to localisation on free text sign
  • Updated scores to ensure players can get gold on ES44C4 & SD40-2 Training Modules
  • Removed semi-circular white artefacts from above wheels for all Cajon Wagons (Box Car, Bulkhead Flatcar, Tank Car and Autorack)
  • Fixed issues relating to player getting stuck in a moving train
  • Added rear headlight sound that matches that of the front headlight switch
Bulkhead Flatcar
  • Wheels rotate as expected when in motion

Kassel - Wurzburg

  • Player should no longer be able to walk through cars at Korle Ost
  • Player should no longer be able to walk through stairs at Kassel Wilhelmshohe Station
  • Fixed pathing of ICE 1580 to not go wrong line running
  • Tunnel sign collectables are now able to be picked up
  • Prevented train getting temporarily stuck in “Ice Breaker” tutorial
  • Adding Text ToolTip for refilling Brake Pipe
  • Bugfixes to services
BR 185
  • Adjusted cab windscreen to prevent errors involving SSR reflections of cab screens
  • PZB Acknowledge will only work after passing a 1000Hz magnet (Cab must be active and PZB enabled)
  • SIFA and PZB can be triggered from Gamepad and RailDriver
BR 146
  • SIFA and PZB can be triggered from Gamepad and RailDriver
  • Horn is now named correctly
  • Correctly spelt “Bremsen” on the MFD
  • Adjusted cab windscreen to prevent errors involving SSR reflections of cab screens
  • Player can now select each length of ICE-1 in the game menu
  • Added recovery from Emergency Brake tooltip on ICE1
DB Kijils
  • Brakes should release quicker to prevent getting stuck on an incline

Peninsula Corridor

  • PIS should now be better aligned to lamp posts
  • Fixed an issue with the first-person camera on the Route Introduction to allow it to be completed
CT Nippon
  • Player can now walk across the consist without needing to crouch
  • Ditch lights will now pulse as expected

Hamburg - Lübeck

  • Should no longer have rain effect inside stations or under cover
  • [Route Intro] Doors will now close automatically


  • Removed incorrect reflections appearing on side mirrors
  • Pringles posters removed for PS4 and PS5 players

Marseille - Avignon

  • Added many new sounds, including Mastery sound additions, firework sounds at night and jet sounds during the day

Main Spessart Bahn

  • Fixed crashes when loading certain services.

Long Island Railroad

  • M7 Traction Engine sounds no longer cut out after first 4 coaches pass
  • Blank entry should no longer appear in Profile Train Selection

Harlem Line

  • M7a Traction Engine sounds no longer cut out after first 4 coaches pass

Tees Valley Line

  • Tees Yard Turn Around Achievement now correctly unlocks on X1 XSX and Win10
  • Tees Valley line decals added to Livery Designer

Other Loco Changes

DB BR 182
  • Made sure the door interlock does not prevent you from using the throttle when the doors are closed
DB BR 101
  • Adjustments to the AFB to keep speed offset below LAB, and decreased LZB deceleration to be more realistic for typical braked weight percentages of IC trains
  • Passenger lights from the IC coaches will no longer bleed into the cab, providing improvements to performance
  • Reduced illumination from cab lights into tunnels
DB Doppelstock
  • Headlights will no longer always be toggled on
We appreciate all the feedback you have been sending in so far, we’re working hard to keep a report of the most prominent community issues and delivering the best experience possible. Thank you everyone!
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Train Sim World 3 Patch Notes - Save Game Toggle and more - 29th September