Train Sim World 3

Train Sim World 2 Update - 31/03/2022

Today we are continuing to deliver the Preservation Crew updates, with an extensive list of improvements to Tees Valley Line and updates to Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg.
You can also see changes to Luzern – Sursee since its recent release, along with some small updates to Sherman Hill and London commuter.
Here’s some highlights of what’s included -


  • Added Mastery decals as rewards for the community anniversary challenge.

Luzern – Sursee

  • Updated Train glass to make it more transparent.
  • Updated missing audio crowd noise for Notwil Station.

Tees Valley Line

  • Tees Valley Line now has Rush Hour passengers.
  • Added working level crossing to various locations across the route.
  • Added PIS support to the timetable and included virtual destinations for services operating beyond Darlington to Bishop Auckland.

Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg

  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to signals with telephones on the posts.
  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to the radio in the ICE 3 - Use it by pressing the phone to the left of the driver or the appropriate button on the Rail Driver controller.

Sherman Hill

  • Improved the initial state of the brakes on the SD70ACe so that is now takes less time to get moving after starting.
  • Updated wheat foliage so that it no longer glows.
You can find the complete update notes here
Train Sim World 3
31 Mar
Train Sim World 2 Update - 31/03/2022