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Train Sim World 2 Roadmap - 27 October

Find out what's upcoming for Train Sim World 2 in our latest Roadmap update!
This update to the Train Sim World Roadmap introduces quite a few new items that are tailored towards a single objective: increased performance. PlayStation players in particular fed back that performance on our most ambitious route to date, Hauptstrecke Munich-Augsburg, fell below ideal levels and we're working to resolve this. The addition of layers to existing routes creates additional work for systems to perform and we've had to take the decision to restrict layer inclusion for console players in the short term to ensure no additional impact to gameplay.
For those who haven't encountered the layers concept previously, in essence new route or loco add-ons will add extra services to existing routes when they're added and where it makes sense. For example, Hauptstrecke Munich-Augsburg comes with 325 services by default, but if you also own Rhein-Ruhr Osten, Main-Spessart Bahn and Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr that number is increased to 427.
The benefit of the memory optimisation work we're doing is that it will increase performance across the board, on consoles and PC alike, so even if you're currently enjoying a smooth game experience it should be further improved.
The final batch of Preserved Collection is nearing release, and with that complete the Preservation Crew will turn their attention to improving all releases we've made to date.
The other additions this time relate to recent releases and quality of life improvements. Isle of Wight has multiple fixes coming soon, and we've a big new project we're looking at to overhaul how we deal with game manuals and tutorials outside the game.
The last item of note in this update are the AMD/Ryzen related issues that have been marked as "tracked". From exploration of these two issues we've concluded that the issue is driver-related, and having checked with AMD believe this will be resolved in the near future. As this falls outside our control we will continue to monitor the problem. If you experience an issue as an AMD user we will look into it so please continue to report any trouble you encounter.
Key: ▲ Moved up ▼ Moved down ★ New listing ¹ Tracking only
  • ★ [Fix] Isle Of Wight manual added to Steam Store / Dovetail Live
  • ★ [Fix] Removed the layers issue on Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg on console whereby all the service layers would be enabled unintentionally, resulting in poor performance.
  • [Route Add-On] GCC-R7 03 - Isle of Wight (Developed by Rivet Games)
  • [Route Add-On] DBB-R7 04 - Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg. With BR 403 & BR 423.
  • [Preserved Collection] GDD-L5 01 - BR Class 33
  • [Preserved Collection] GDD-L5 02 - BR Class 52 'Western'
  • [Preserved Collection] DBB-R7 03 - Rhein-Ruhr Osten: Wuppertal – Hagen
  • [Preserved Collection] GDD-R7 01 - West Somerset Railway
  • [Preserved Collection] NDD-R6 01 - Canadian National Oakville Subdivision: Hamilton – Oakville
  • [Preserved Collection] DGG-L6 01 - DB BR 204 (Developed by Rivet Games)
  • [Upgrade] Livery Designer additional functionality
  • ★ [Fix] Isle Of Wight - Passenger light switch bug
  • ★ [Fix] Isle Of Wight - LOD bug on console
  • ★ [Fix] Isle Of Wight - Timetable update to include arrival times
  • ★ [Fix] Isle Of Wight - Update to hitboxes around buttons / switches
  • ★ [Fix] Ruhr-Sieg Nord Service Mode - Coal Services getting stuck when substituted for DB BR 185.2
  • ▲[Loco Add-On] DGG-L7 01 - DB BR 363 (For Ruhr-Sieg Nord)
  • ▲[Preserved Collection] GDG-R7 01 - Great Western Express
  • ▲[Preserved Collection] GDF-R5 01 - Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester – Leeds
  • [Fix] Powering America Part 1 – Resolved poor player experience
  • [Fix] Go-Via instructions asking players to wait until an alloted time in "ICE to Meet You" scenario on Schnellfahrstrecke Köln
  • [Fix] Removal of Rail Tour formation from East Coastway Scenario Planner
  • [Fix] Miles Platting
  • [Preserved Collection] GDD-L5 03 - BR Heavy Freight Pack
  • [Improvement] Expansion of BR 182 train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Rapid Transit train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Schnellfahrstrecke Köln train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • [Feature] Train Sim World 2 Mastery
  • ★ [Fix] Localisation correction on introduction video subtitles.
  • ★ [Fix] Isle Of Wight additional fixes
  • ★ [Fix] Reports of Player Objectives being scrambled upon resuming from a save game
  • ¹ [Fix] Crash reports from players with AMD GPUs
  • ¹ [Fix] Crash reports from players with Ryzen CPUs
  • [Fix] Reinstate London landmarks for Console on Bakerloo Line
  • [Fix] One of the Hard Hat collectibles is placed behind an invisible wall
  • [Fix] Medals and Scoring is not provided on the Schnellfahrstrecke Köln timetable
  • [Fix] Out of Memory reports caused by particular routes or trains (EXPAND - reword - optimisation)
  • [Fix] Trains spawning backwards in Scenario Designer
  • [Improvement] Add Safety System Indicators to the HUD
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L7 01 - Class 313 EMU (For East Coastway)
  • [Loco Add-On] DKK-L7 02 - DB BR 187 (Developed by Skyhook Games)
  • [Loco Add-On] NDD-L7 02 - CSX C40-8W (For Sand Patch Grade)
  • [Route Add-On] GBC-R7 01 - Southeastern High Speed: London St Pancras - Faversham. With BR Class 395 EMU, BR Class 375 EMU
  • [Route Add-On] FBB-R7 01 - LGV Méditerranée: Marseille - Avignon. With SNCF TGV Duplex
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R7 02 - Cane Creek. With UP AC4400CW & SD40-2. (Developed by Skyhook Games)
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R5 01 - Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante. With CRR F7 A&B and SD40
  • ★ [Upgrade] Memory optimisation
  • ▲ [Upgrade] Livery Designer compatibility for Preserved Collection
  • [Upgrade] Raildriver and external hardware support
  • [Fix] Scenario Designer initial selection focus issue
  • [Fix] Settings not being saved between game sessions
  • [Fix] Invisible wall blocking navigation of Elephant & Castle station on Bakerloo Line
  • [Fix] Peninsula Corridor fix overlapping wagons
  • [Fix] Ruhr-Sieg Nord pathing error fix
  • [Fix] Stop NPCs crossing the tracks at level crossings on Rapid Transit
  • [Fix] Cumberland Charge experiences red signals and yard entry issue
  • [Fix] Dynamic Brakes not working correctly on CSX AC4400 on Sand Patch Grade
  • ★ [Improvement] User guides and manuals
  • ★ [Improvement] Standard download size reduction
  • [Improvement] Change "Do you want to end this session" popup from Yes to No by default
  • [Improvement] Stop Points on Bakerloo Line are not aligned with the platform monitors
  • [Improvement] Horn control on the BR406 has a forced delay before it can be reused, preventing multiple tone application
  • [Improvement] Add full length platform 'climb up' function to Preserved Collection routes
  • [Improvement] Scenario Start indication issue in Scenario Designer
  • [Improvement] Expansion of services in the timetable for Bakerloo Line
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Sand Patch Grade train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Peninsula Corridor train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • ★ [Investigate] Several Timetable services experiencing a game crash approximately 2km from Koln.
  • ★ [Investigate] Reports of a game crash for Peninsula Corridor.
  • ★ [Investigate] HUD reported as not working correctly for the MP36PH-3C Baby Bullet locomotive.
  • ★ [Investigate] In-cab controls for the Headlights on the BR 143 are reported as not working
  • ★ [Investigate] Gold Panning trophy reported as not unlocking
  • ★ [Investigate] Signals do not clear if AI trains are run infront of the player on Long Island Railroad for user created scenarios
  • ★ [Investigate] Adding layers to Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg on console
  • ★ [Investigate] Sand Patch Grade Service Mode - Reviewing reported issues
  • [Investigate] Audio issues being reported for recent Preserved Collection releases
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L7 02 - Class 465 EMU (For Southeastern High Speed)
  • [Loco Add-On] DKK-L7 01 - DB BR 101 (For Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen)
  • [Route Add-On] CBB-R7 01 - Arosa Line. With RhB Ge 4/4 II (Developed by Rivet Games)
  • [Route Add-On] DBB-R7 05 - Hamburg – Lübeck. With DB BR 112 + Doppelstockwagen & MRCE BR 182
Join us today, Tuesday October 27th at 20:00 UTC, on Twitch or YouTube where Adam and Sam will be discussing the latest Roadmap and answering your questions.
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Train Sim World 2 Roadmap - 27 October