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Reaching the end of Rush Hour
As the London Commuter, Brighton Main Line moves into the upcoming phase of the Roadmap, it's worth a quick recap of what each stage of the Roadmap represents.
Anything listed as Next Arrival is expected to be released or completed before the next update to the Roadmap. Typically, at this stage a game update will have already been through extensive testing and is in preparation for release.
The Upcoming section of the Roadmap covers items that have completed main development and are now going through the cycle of testing, fixing and polishing. When a new route or loco is in the late stages of testing here we'll often preview it on Railfan TV as it will be close to what we expect the final release to be.
In Production covers the major projects that have active development time scheduled to them. In some cases, such as the development of GCC-L7 01 Class 313, development may be paused while the team work on other projects that require additional work. This is slightly unusual, but it does happen. In the rare event that a project is mothballed or scrapped we'll make that very clear. The development length of individual projects can vary however, so it's possible that some items (Steam, for example) will remain in production for some time, whereas others will move on to be upcoming very quickly. Other tasks in this section of the roadmap will be listed as "ongoing" which usually means the work affects multiple routes that will be handled individually. This is where the majority of the Preservation Crew's activities can be seen.
Finally, the In Planning section details items that are not yet in full development but are expected to enter that stage soon. As a rule, anything listed in the planning section has been confirmed to be happening with any major blockers removed. The make-up of what a new route will entail and which locos are included should be established by the time it reaches the planning phase, but it's very possible that scope changes during this time.
This week's Roadmap doesn't have any new projects to go over in depth, however the upcoming Preservation Crew work on Peninsula Corridor is nearing completion so we'll go over that in today's live stream.
Key: ▲ Moved up ▼ Moved down ★ New listing ® Rush Hour
  • [Improvement] Meißen branch for Bahnstrecke Riesa - Dresden
  • [Improvement] Main Spessart Bahn Scenario Planner expansion
  • [Improvement] Rush Hour passenger system for Bakerloo Line
  • [Improvement] Rush Hour passenger system for Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen
  • [Improvement] MP36PH-3C Baby Bullet Scenario Planner expansion
  • ▲ [Improvement] Peninsula Corridor preservation update
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L6 01 - London Underground 1938 Tube Stock - Developed by Rivet Games
  • [Ongoing] Rush Hour passenger system
  • ® [Route Add-On] GCC-R7 04 Brighton Main Line: London Victoria - Brighton with Southern BR Class 377/4 and Gatwick Express BR Class 387
  • ® [Core] Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour
  • [Core] Steam Update
  • [Improvement] Oakville Subdivision preservation update
  • [Ongoing] Add Crossing Gates to Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Add Platform Departure Boards to Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Add RailDriver support to Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Full length of platform "climb up" function for Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Livery Designer compatibility for Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Memory use optimisation
  • [Ongoing] User guides and manuals
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L7 01 - Class 313 EMU (For East Coastway)
  • [Loco Add-On] DKK-L7 02 - DB BR 187 - Developed by Skyhook Games (For Schnellfahrstrecke Köln)
  • [Loco Add-On] DBB-L5 01 - DB BR 420 Electric Multiple Unit (Hauptstrecke München-Augsburg) - Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DDD-L5 01 - DB BR 232 Diesel Locomotive (Ruhr-Sieg Nord) - Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DGG-L6 02 - G6 (Rhein-Ruhr Osten) - Developed by TSG
  • [Route Add-On] GGD-R6 01 West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives - with Class 150/2 - Developed By Rivet Games
  • [Improvement] Scenario Planner 2.0
  • [Improvement] Livery Designer 2.0
  • [Improvement] Ruhr-Sieg Nord preservation update
  • [Improvement] Rhein-Ruhr Osten preservation update
  • ★ [Improvement] PlayStation 4 - PlayStation 5 profile transfer
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R7 04 Sherman Hill with SD70ACe
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R7 03 Horseshoe Curve: Altoona - Johnstown & South Fork with ES44AC & GP38-2 - Developed by Skyhook Games
Join us today, Tuesday September 21st at 19:00 UTC, on Twitch or YouTube where Adam and Sam will be discussing the latest Roadmap and answering your questions.
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