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Train Sim World 2 - Preserved Collection British Arrival

The next set of Preserved Collection Add-Ons are available now! Find out more about what’s included.
The fifth set of Preserved Collection arrives on Train Sim World 2 today! This set contains two of the most highly anticipated British routes to be added to the Preserved Collection - Great Western Express and Northern Trans-Pennine.
With Preserved Collection your content comes with you, so you can play your Train Sim World 2020 Add-Ons in Train Sim World 2. If you own these already, they will be free to download. Or you can purchase these on the PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam stores if you don’t own them already. Perfect for building new custom creations with the Scenario Planner.
---- To access these in Train Sim World 2 you will need to do the following:
PlayStation - PlayStation - Navigate to your library, go to purchased, find Train Sim World 2, click and you'll be able to download the Add-On! If you purchased Train Sim World 2020 on disc, you can go to the in-game store on Train Sim World 2020 to download.
Xbox - Go to your 'My games & apps' section, go to 'Full library' and click 'All Owned games', navigate to Train Sim World 2, click the menu button on your Xbox controller and scroll down to 'Manage game & Add-Ons'. You'll be able to download a Preserved Collection add-on here!
Steam - Restart Steam then go to your Steam Library, find Train Sim World 2, right-click and open properties, navigate to DLC on the top bar and tick the add-ons you want to download!
If you are still having issues accessing your route and locos please contact Technical Support - Here

Here’s everything included in the fifth set of Preserved Collection ready to play in Train Sim World 2...

Great Western Express

Take control of the iconic Great Western Railways HST and command it to 125mph along the Great Western Main Line out of London's Paddington Main Line Station, one of Britain’s busiest railways. Departing the busy London Paddington terminus, you'll have to negotiate the intense traffic and adverse signals, keeping to rule and your nerve. With a timetable to keep and thousands of passengers to transport on-time, your skill, focus and endurance will be tested to the limit.

Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester – Leeds

It’s your job to carry passengers over the famous Trans-Pennine Railway. Manage your powerful locomotives and enjoy the charm of running loco-hauled services that no longer exist today over the twisting railway carving its way through England’s Pennine Hills. Operate your trains over an aging rail network with out-of-date infrastructure and no modern safety systems to assist you. Whether you’re driving, riding along or watching the action, experience all the sights and sounds of a chapter of British railways long forgotten in time.
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5 Nov
Train Sim World 2 - Preserved Collection British Arrival
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