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Train Sim World 2- Panoramic Plassur

A landscape more suited to a fantasy novel than a busy railway the Arosa Linie: Chur – Arosa plows through deep valleys, steep mountains, rolling hills, and vast forests. Incredible views greet you as you climb up through the Plessur Region towards the terminus at Arosa, reaching impressive heights of 1739 metres above sea level. Arosa Linie: Chur – Arosa offers visitors panoramic mountainous sights that are unparalleled in their beauty across the World.
This unique beauty leads Railfans to travel from across the world to visit Arosa Linie every year, often their single goal is to capture inspiring and artistic photographs and videos to add to their collections and share with others. Thanks to these creative individuals there is an eclectic mix of reference material available, revealing some of the most striking railway images and videos ever captured.
The route is crammed full of amazing locations each offering something different for these aspiring photographers to enjoy. With the detail that Train Sim World 2 offers, Rivet Games has been able to lovingly recreate the route in exquisite detail. You have the freedom to capture even more exciting Railfan shots for your own collection, from angles previously unobtainable. You will be able to take in these amazing locations from the driver's seat, a rare vantage point for most Railfans. Of course, you can also let the AI driver take control, meaning you can sit back to take in all the terrain, and watch out for the next perfect Railfan shot location.
Today we take a closer look at some of the more impressive locations you can look forward to as you explore this wonderful Swiss route.
A visit to Arosa Linie: Chur – Arosa wouldn’t be complete without seeing the famous Langwieser Viaduct. Constructed between 1912 and 1914 to cross the Plessur River valley, it was the first railway bridge anywhere in the world to possess a span of 100 metres. This is probably one of the World’s most visually appealing concrete structures.
At the time of construction Arosa Linie: Chur – Arosa was the most expensive route on the Rhaetian Railway network. This was mainly due to the substantial civil engineering structures that the route is famous for. Numerous tunnels and bridges were constructed, along with Rockfall shelters much like the ones found at Sassal. These unique structures prevent the inevitable falling rocks from the mountainside causing problems for unsuspecting drivers.
Due to the mountainous region, the weather can vary greatly depending on the time of year you visit. As your train climbs through the mountains you are guaranteed to see snow across the hills for much of the year. Arosa experiences a Subarctic Climate, which brings incredibly cold long winters. The pure white of a snow-covered landscape offset by the bright livery of the Rhätischen Bahn’s Locomotives and stock naturally leads to some amazing shots.
Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks, we will be showing off even more of the Arosa Linie: Chur - Arosa screenshots and videos. You can look forward to interviews, detailed developer videos, and more. Make sure you don't miss anything on Arosa Linie by following @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook.
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3 Mar
Train Sim World 2- Panoramic Plassur
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