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Race through the sun-soaked south of France, taking in beautiful landscapes, vast bridges and famous vineyards at record-breaking speeds with LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon. Arriving on Train Sim World 2 on December 17th.
This modern high-speed route cuts its way across sprawling fields, long tunnels and wide valley’s, alighting at famous historic French towns. With varied landscapes and interesting architectural features for you to enjoy we take a closer look at what this beautifully recreated route has to offer and at what you can expect from LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon.
Situated in the South-East corner of the historic city of Avignon, and between the banks of the rivers Rhône and Durance, your journey starts in the ultra-modern Avignon TGV station. Designed by the Cabinet of Architecture of the SNCF and opened in 2001, its glazed roof is compared to that of a cathedral. A fitting start as you explore the south of France.
Travelling along the bank of the River Durance the line approaches the outskirts the town of Cavaillon, then crosses the river a total of 3 times on low bridges before heading South-South east into the local region know as “The Massif des Costes”. This is one of the locations you can get up to the highest speeds.
To give the TGV Duplex the freedom of reaching 320 km/h the undulating hills and valleys of the region had to be conquered in the most direct possible way. This has meant deep cuttings, long tunnels and modern bridges were required in quick succession. Nestled between a deep cutting on one hillside and a tunnel on the other, the “Viaduc de Vernègues” offers you a swift glimpse of the quaint rural villages of Vernègues and Cazan.
Following long sweeping curves, the line then cuts through several miles of wooded areas, from the South West of Lambesc, right through to the West of Éguilles. This is when you a presented with one of the most impressive engineering features of the entire route, the Ventabren Viaduct, a wonderful 1.73 kilometres (1.07 mi) sweeping bridge stretching across the Éguilles Valley, travelling over vineyards, the A8 autoroute and the Trans-European Motorway. This finishes on the opposite side of the valley, travelling over the Canal de Marseille.
As the line proceeds on a southerly bearing the station of Aix-en-Provence TGV is our first stop on since Avignon. Providing the city of Aix-en-Provence with High-speed services, this out of town station sets itself apart for the heavily wooded area that surrounds it with a unique modern design.
Shortly after leaving the station, you enter “Tunnel de Marseille” a vast tunnel of an incredible 8 km (5 Miles) long. The moment you exit the tunnel you appear in the suburbs of Marseille, this is where you rejoin the local rail network.
Your journey terminates at the magnificent Marseille-Saint-Charles. Sat atop a large hill, this 14 platform terminus has been overlooking the city of Marseille since 1848. The arrival of the TGV in 2001 cut journey times significantly to destinations across Europe, this coupled the renovation of the station services has been of great appeal to commuters, numbers of passengers have more than double since 2000.
LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon is now available on Steam, Playstation and Xbox.
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Train Sim World 3
Train Sim World 2 - High-Speed Heaven