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Train Sim World 2 - Friday Screens!

It's Friday, which means new Train Sim World 2 screenshots!
Following the dramatic trailer released earlier this week showcasing Sand Patch Grade let's take a closer look at each of the locomotives and their environments for all three routes, with six brand new screenshots.
With line speeds of up to 250 km/h the DB ICE 3M is really able to pick up pace, gliding through the German countryside with ease. As you can see from the image above the line has had important changes to accommodate this new era of high-speed travel. On each of the lines sweeping curves the track has been laid with a reverse camber, this ensures the high-speed trains can take these corners at a far greater speed.
Much of the London underground network is in fact above ground. With 10 of its 25 stations above ground the Bakerloo Line is no exception. Above you will find the first image showing off one of the above ground sections of the route. Here you can see an early morning train heading out of the yard, it will soon be full of commuters as it makes its way to Queen’s park station.
Steep grades and heavy trains are going to test your skills as an Engineer as you make the rigorous climb up Sand Patch Grade to the summit. Not only have the locomotives been lovingly recreated, extensive work has gone into making you really feel like your traversing the Allegheny Mountains, as you can see in the fantastic image above.
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Train Sim World
3 Jul
Train Sim World 2 - Friday Screens!
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