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Train Sim World 2 – Explore The Routes

Just two weeks to go until Train Sim World 2 arrives – Explore the routes you’ll be driving on 20th August.
Today we look back at the exciting route trailers for Train Sim World 2. See what each route has to offer and gain a better understanding of how you can enjoy a completely immersive experience.

Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen

The Köln - Aachen high speed railway is a 70 km stretch of the Trans- European transport network, with Line speeds of up to 250 km/h. Feel the thrill of high-speed inter-city German rail as you push the throttle with the ICE 3M through bustling German Metropolis and the rolling open countryside in this exquisitely realised route. The railway is steeped in history, from its heavily debated original concept to the landmarks and bridges making up the surrounding landscape. Read more about this route.

Bakerloo Line

The Bakerloo Line is 14.4 miles long and features 25 unique stations, from Elephant & Castle in South London to Harrow & Wealdstone in the North East of the city. It covers many of London’s iconic landmarks and famous stations like Waterloo, Piccadilly Circus, Baker Street and more. Head into the darkness of London’s busy underground commuter railway network. Power through over-ground and underground at the controls of the London Undergrounds iconic 1972 Mark II stock. Sit in the cab and get the unique experience of driving into the world-famous London Underground. Read more about this route.

Sand Patch Grade

Coming to life on console for the first time and returning beautifully remastered and upgraded to PC, Sand Patch Grade is part of the Keystone Subdivision of the Baltimore Division. Cutting through the remote Allegheny Mountains it drops over 1000 feet over a 20-mile stretch, making it one of steepest railroad grades in the US. Enjoy services from short 10 minute tasks allowing you to explore the sprawling Cumberland yard, its iconic turn table and busy re-fuelling area, to 90 minute long hauls where you will witness the epic landscape of the Allegheny from the comfort of your chosen cab. Read more about this route.
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.
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Train Sim World
4 Aug
Train Sim World 2 – Explore The Routes
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