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Train Sim World 2 - Augsburg Arrival

Operate high-speed Inter-City Express and S-Bahn services across the busy München – Augsburg railway, and experience the hustle and bustle of modern commuting with the new Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg.
Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg is available now for Train Sim World 2! Explore one of Germany’s busiest railways this weekend...

Learn The Controls

The DB BR 403 ICE 3 has some controls that you may be familiar with, assuming you have previously played Schnellfahrstrecke Köln - Aachen, however its cab has undergone some modernisation, gone are the analogue dials in favour of a digital screen. In contrast the DB BR 423 is completely new. There are comprehensive tutorials for both units should you wish to brush up on your skills or learn the new controls. With brakes that act differently to many of the DB units, that you may be used to driving, and a tight timetable to stick to, we highly recommend you get some practice in with the DB BR 423 before being unleashed on the expectant commuter.

Clean Your Loco

Ensuring the railway projects a professional image is incredibly important, so maintaining the condition and cleanliness of the Deutsche Bahn flagship unit the DB BR 403 ICE 3 is equally important. Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg features one of the most unique scenarios to feature in Train Sim World 2. The ‘Wash and Go’ scenario instructs you to take the DB BR 403 ICE 3 through the train washers in preparation for the day's services ahead. We highly recommend you give this unique scenario a go!

Keep On Time

No matter what your preferred service is getting to know the route is vital if you intend to be punctual. Watch out for red signals and changing speed restrictions as these are likely to crop up at any time. With an impressive and complex series of signals, tracks and points combined with a 24-hour timetable, the signalling staff will do their utmost to keep the trains running on time, however, it's your responsibility to be there as planned. We have carefully recreated this in fine detail even down to the platform PIS showing delays as they happen.

Create Your Scenario

With so many possibilities available thanks to the length of the route, number of stations, number of platforms to choose from, and Preserved Collection Add-Ons there are so many possibilities. This is by far the busiest route in Train Sim World 2. Don’t limit yourself to the planned scenarios, get out there, and explore Bavaria in your way. As you can from this image we have combined the DB BR 204 from Preserved Collection Add-On and the DB BR 403 ICE 3 for a truly bespoke scenario.

Take Railfan Shots

Thanks to the busy nature of this route, the fantastic city backdrops, complex track networks, and beautiful stations there is all manner of locations for you to grab some inspiring screenshots of Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg just jump out of the cab, put your creative hat on and start snapping. Find out more about how to take Railfan Shots and see your saved captures in our guide on Dovetail Live.

High Speed Thrills

With an impressive top speed of 230 km/h, the DB BR 403 ICE 3 can really pick up some pace. With the recently upgraded high-speed lines, you will hurtle past the Southern German landscape for much of the route. Why not create your own scenario where you don’t have to stop until the end of your journey. Offering you the chance to see just how fast you can get this sleek machine to travel.

Start A Service

This route features hundreds of services for you to master, a total of 325 services are available for you to choose from. The DB BR 403 ICE 3 offers 53 different services, and the DB BR 423 a huge 272. In addition to the extensive services available with the units included PC players also have a vast number of additional passenger and freight services added by the Preserved Collection. Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr, Rhein-Ruhr Osten, and Main-Spessart Bahn bring the collective number of services to over 400. This will also be available to those playing on console very soon, keep an eye on the Roadmap for updates. The difficult choice will be what you want to play first!

Master All Weathers

Bad weather won't stop Deutsche Bahn from getting passengers to their destination on time, with the weather featured in Train Sim World 2 you can experience the route in all manner of settings. Just keep an eye out for the next signal coming up. For a true test of your driving skill and observation, the ‘ICE Trouble’ scenario pits you against a foul snowstorm and an arrival time that seems relatively easy under normal circumstances. We wish you the best of luck!

Take The Night Train

One of the great pleasures of Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg Is the cinematic view as you make your way past the yards and sidings and approach München Hauptbahnhof, Framed by the iconic Hackerbrücke bridge. Thanks to the complex network of tracks it is covered in a starfield of signals, directing the constant flow of traffic. This is an impressive sight during daylight hours, however, it really comes into its own at night. Thanks to the 24-hour timetable you can witness this bed of fantastic twinkling lights from the cab of your chosen locomotive or unit.

Complete Route Tasks

With a total of 100 Route tasks for you to find and resolve there are plenty of opportunities to jump out of the cab and explore the route on foot. Route maps, installing cycle maintenance points, fixing electrical cabinets, and repairing emergency telephones will keep you busy thanks to the vastness of the yards and the number of sneaky locations these tasks could be hidden. This may take you a little while to find them all!
Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke München – Augsburg is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Join us on Railfan TV tonight as we celebrate the launch. Watch live on Twitch or YouTubeat 7PM UTC.
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Train Sim World 2 - Augsburg Arrival