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TSW: Tees Valley Line is Out Now!

Go back to North East England, 1989, and experience classic British rail freight and bygone passenger traction with Tees Valley Line: Darlington – Saltburn-by-the-Sea, which is available now for Train Sim World!

Here’s 10 things to try in Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line

I... Tractor on the Tracks

Immerse yourself in the freight action aboard the BR Class 37/5, authentically represented in BR Trainload metals sector livery complete with Thornaby Depot plaque. These iconic workhorses dominated in the late 1980s and you can experience them in stunning detail.

II... Gronks and Gears

The 37 isn’t the only motive power about the rails, take to Tees Yard with the BR Class 08, which has been captured exquisitely in its own Thornaby Depot variant of the BR Blue livery, and built from the ground up making it an entirely new beast and perfectly fit for shunting. Meanwhile, the pair are accompanied by the classic BR Class 101, now featuring a trailing middle car, for you to fulfil vital passenger journeys in across the route.

III... Haul heavy Steel

Two all-new freight wagons feature with the Tees Valley Line, the first one being the BBA wagon, which was built in droves to carry freshly manufactured steel onward from steelworks to factories in order to drive industries forward. In Train Sim World, it’ll be up to you to kick off the journey for steel coils and beams, and bring back the empties, with typically a duo of 37/5s at the helm.

IV... Manage and Marshal

For deliveries to happen on schedule, wagons need to be ready and in position; responsibility for such workings fall upon shunter drivers, and this is a role you can fully step into. Using the Class 08, assemble, rearrange and reposition wagons ready for their next load, and prepare rakes for the Class 37/5s to haul away.

V... Provide local Services

Passenger operations along the Tees Valley Line keep communities connected, allow workers to keep industries and businesses alive, and bring holidaymakers from far and wide who wish to visit the Yorkshire coastline. In Train Sim World, you can take control of a variety of services, some with different stopping patterns and even a semi-fast summer special.

VI... Replete and Relieve

The second wagon included with the Tees Valley Line is the HEA hopper, which with its open top and gravity unloading capabilities makes it perfectly suited for use at the Redcar Ore Terminal, where you will be loading and unloading coke – a distillation of coal that burns at temperatures suited for iron smelting. Every aspect of the Tees-side industrial complex depends on the others, and as a driver for the Tees Valley Line, you’re the one keeping the wheels turning.

VII... Slip and Slide

Many trains, particularly steel trains, are notoriously heavy, and while a pair of 37/5s can put down a lot of power, that won’t get you far if you can’t overcome inertia; careful control of the throttle will be key to getting underway, but if you do run into trouble, the 37/5’s own wheelslip protection will get things back in order.

VIII... Slow and Steady

The 37/5s were also fitted with slow speed control, which is an essential function when it comes to loading and unloading hoppers - unless you constantly want to fan the throttle and brake! When stationary and in neutral, simply select the speed you wish the locomotive to hold the train at, then select your intended direction of travel and apply the minimal amount of throttle, the 37/5’s load regulator will then automatically manage the throttle and subsequent traction motor load to maintain the desired speed.

IX... Ride through the 80s

Give driving a break for an afternoon and take in the sights and sounds from the comfort of the Class 101’s passenger compartment, which even has front facing windows, letting you get a driver’s eye view without having to focus on the tasks at hand. Alternatively, go for a spin in the secondman’s seat of a Class 37/5, or change things up by hanging onto the side of a Class 08 as it goes about its shunting duties. While on your travels, make sure to look out for the 100 collectables that are dotted about the route.

X... Number Notation

Books at the ready, how many locomotives can you clear in a day? Pick your preferred station and see what you can spot – the Tees Valley Line offers authentic action from dawn to dusk and beyond, and you can experience it all in Train Sim World!
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Train Sim World 4
TSW: Tees Valley Line is Out Now!