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From RailWorks to Train Sim World - 15 years of DTG

2024 marks 15 years of Dovetail Games! In this article, we take a brief look at how Train Sim World owes much to the original simulation game that started our journey.

From RailWorks to Train Sim World

Graphic shows 2009's RailWorks (left, no longer available) and 2023's Train Sim World 4: Boxed Edition (right, available from selected retailers)
Dovetail Games was originally founded as Ltd back in 2009 and begun a journey developing rail simulation video games with the release of RailWorks in the same year.
The original RailWorks contained a selection of five real-world routes across different territories and eras.
The original real-world routes were:
  • Bath to Templecombe
  • Oxford to Paddington
  • York to Newcastle
  • Hagen to Siegen
  • Cajon Pass
Oxford - Paddington, Hagen - Siegen and Cajon Pass as they are seen in more recent versions of Train Simulator Classic
Oxford to Paddington, Hagen to Siegen and Cajon Pass would in turn be chosen to have parts of their routes recreated for Dovetail Games’ PC and Console title: Train Sim World.

GWE: Reading to London Paddington

Great Western Express was the first UK route to be developed for Train Sim World, utilising Unreal Engine 4 to bring a modern image version of the Reading to London Paddington stretch to both PC and Console players.
Over time, the modern image era of 2015 has since become something of a historic route, depicting a time when the overhead wires that now exist on the real-life route were being erected further west in anticipation of more modern IET traction being introduced.
Players of Great Western Express can still enjoy the diesel action from the previous decade with the Class 166 DMU and iconic GWR HST sets running local and express services along this seminal railway line, along with ubiquitous Class 66 freight trains that run in and out of various yards and facilities along the route.
A number of Add-ons have released in more recent years adding gameplay to Great Western Express, including:
  • Diesel Legends of the Great Western, adding BR Blue vintage diesel traction with the Class 52 ‘Western’ and Class 08 shunter.
  • Cargo Line Vol.1 Petroleum, adding VTG Wagons to Class 66 services.
  • Cargo Line Vol.2 Aggregates, adding HOA Hopper Wagons to Class 66 services.
Great Western Express continues to be a popular Compatible Add-on in Train Sim World 4, with Free Roam allowing for players to run many more trains from their collection along the route, such as Flying Scotsman.

Ruhr Sieg Nord

The original Hagen – Siegen route in RailWorks also found its way partly into Train Sim World, courtesy of the Ruhr Sieg Nord route Add-on which covers the 61kms out from Hagen through to the municipality of Finnentrop.
Electric locomotives form the playable services across this route, with the DB BR 143 taking up passenger duties and the DB BR 185 serving freight. The route winds its way through the landscape making for challenging operations at lower speeds and the large freight yards emphasise the importance of freight traffic in this part of Germany.
Further timetabled services and Scenarios became available for the route with the release of the following loco Add-ons:
  • DB BR 363, for shunting services in the various yards.
  • DB BR 155, adding an older locomotive to coal hauling services with the Falns 183 coal hopper.

Cajon Pass

It took a few more years for Cajon Pass to make it into Train Sim World, but it did with the release of Train Sim World 3, back in 2022. This popular route for real-world spotters and photographers released as part of the Core package, featuring the bright orange BNSF trains for the first time in the series.
The challenging gameplay, thrashing up gradients and easing down them with careful brake application came along with significant added features to Train Sim World, such as Dynamic Weather, Volumetric Skies and the introduction of Training Center, allowing new players to get to grips with the ways of the railway world for the first time, in a safe and forgiving environment.
The route also made use of, what was then, the new TOD4 lighting system, which has been improved and developed since with the release of Train Sim World 4 to include Volumetric Fog.
The BNSF locomotives also proved popular, with both the ES44C4 and SD40-2 making up a schedule of heavy freight between Barstow and San Bernardino on 85 miles of the Cajon Subdivision in California.

Available as Train Sim World Compatible Add-ons!

These three routes, that were developed for Train Sim World through their origins in the first RailWorks game, continue to be available as Train Sim World Compatible routes, playable in Train Sim World 4.
These 15 years of work, developing trains content for PC and Console players through changing times and technology has been possible due to, not only the dedication of people within Dovetail Games, but also the players of both Train Simulator and Train Sim World, along with the countless content creators and Partner Programme Developers that bring their own passion into the hobby for us all to enjoy.
We wanted to, at this time, extend a massive thank you to everyone who has helped to make RailWorks, Train Simulator, and Train Sim World the phenomenal experiences we know so many enjoy. It's been a brilliant journey, and here's to 15 more years!
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Note: Train Simulator Classic is a separate game available for PC via the Steam Store. Train Simulator Classic content is not compatible with Train Sim World.
Train Sim World 4
From RailWorks to Train Sim World - 15 years of DTG