Train Sim World

TSW: Now Available on Xbox Game Pass!

All aboard! Train Sim World 2020 joins Xbox Game Pass today, on both Xbox one and Windows PC.
Train Sim World is an immersive first-person simulator perfect for everyone, with complete in-cab interactivity, accurate detail on locos, real-world routes and hours of gameplay. Take to the rails with Train Sim World 2020 and find everything you need to master new skills.
New to Train Sim World? Read on for an overview of what to expect, and some tips for what to look out for as you take your first journey in the simulator.

Explore Iconic Routes

Train Sim World 2020 features four iconic routes for you to explore. From the busy commuter experience of Long Island to a nostalgic industrial route through the Pennines and the steep inclines of Main-Spessart Bahn. Whether you’re interested in passenger or freight, modern or historic you’ll find a variety of rail experiences to enjoy.

Start A Journey

The ‘Journeys’ feature in Train Sim World 2020 blends together more than 24 hours of curated gameplay. The system will guide you through scenarios, tutorials and service timetables for each route. Each Journey is broken up into chapters, and each chapter is focused on a specific aspect of each route. Giving you an easy way to progress your skills as a driver on any route/locomotive.

Become A Master

Mastery challenges your abilities by asking you to complete objectives. As you master your routes you will unlock exclusive rewards to enhance your game. Challenges include earning levels in a particular locomotive, completing scenarios, driving for a certain number of miles and more. Finish each set of challenges to unlock dioramas and scenery to customise your experience. Find out more and track your stats:

Track Action Points

With the Action Points system, you’ll be rewarded a set amount of points for completing tasks and driving by the rules of the railway. This includes stopping at a station on time, sticking to the speed limit and completing scenario objectives. Depending on your final score at the end of a session, you’ll be awarded with a bronze, silver or gold medal which indicates how well you undertook your duties.

Get A Debrief

After every scenario or completed timetable you’ll be presented with the debrief screen. This features a graph that shows you how well you performed against the various speed limits on the route and a breakdown of how on time you were and how accurate your stopping was. Use this to find out which areas you need to improve or compare your performance with your friends.

Complete Jobs

Step out of the train and onto the platform. Each route contains a range of jobs for you to complete including repairing fences around the railway, finding lost items in stations, placing signs and more. You can find a progress tracker in the main menu when browsing each route so you can see how many jobs you’ve completed. Can you 100% every route?

Learn More

Each route in Train Sim World has its own manual where you can learn in more detail about route signals, controls and specific loco operations. Click the links below to learn more about the routes featured in Train Sim World 2020.

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Train Sim World
5 Mar
TSW: Now Available on Xbox Game Pass!
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