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Master the machine and battle the elements with Train Sim World 3, out now for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass and Epic Games Store!
The Train Sim World 3 Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition are now available, featuring dynamic weather, volumetric skies and lighting, nine powerful locomotives, three exciting routes and the brand-new Training Center.
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Available Now!

Take control of the sleek ICE 1 and reach incredible speeds of up to 280 km/h in Kassel - Würzburg, the longest route ever made for Train Sim World. Master freight services with the 4400-horsepower BNSF ES44C4 and its advanced software and engineering across the Californian desert in Cajon Pass. Take a seat in Britain’s fastest train, the BR Class 395 ‘Javelin’ EMU and take to the tracks in an expanded Southeastern High-Speed which now features Dartford and Ashford International, improved scenery and a new timetable! If you purchase the Deluxe Edition, you will also receive Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street – Crewe which has been updated to feature Train Sim World 3’s new lighting and volumetric skies!
Alongside these editions are the new Train Sim World 3 Starter Packs which feature the Training Center and one of the route expansions, giving you the choice to pick up the route you want to experience. There are now more ways to play with Train Sim World 3! Take a look at the image below to see what's included in each edition of Train Sim World 3.
All Train Sim World 3 owners will have access to the brand-new Training Center, where you can learn to drive any of the nine locomotives in Train Sim World 3. This ‘free-roam’ route gives you the freedom to walk around, take beautiful screenshots, collect maps, and of course learn to drive the trains without the pressure of signals and stopping at platforms.
Check out our Train Sim World 3 Top 5 Tips below to help you get started in your journey of mastering the machine...

Be Ready for Anything

With a toggle of a switch, Dynamic Weather can add excitement and variety to every journey by impacting the train adhesion and surrounding environment. No matter the time of day or year, you can experience worsening or improving weather conditions. You will need to keep your concentration levels high as the rain pours down or the snow starts to build up on the tracks.

Practice Makes Perfect

Drivers spend months training so don't be afraid if something goes wrong, you can practice in the Training Center. Climb aboard any of the nine locomotives featured in Train Sim World 3 and learn how to drive them in an environment free of the stresses of arriving at stations on time and complex signal systems. Take your time in learning the ins and outs of your favourite Train Sim World 3 trains to truly master them. We also have a manual available for you to look at below:
Manual (ENG): Click Here
Manual (GER): Click Here

Think Outside the Box

The Creators Club is the home of player customisation in Train Sim World 3. Personalize your rail journey with easy-to-use tools, the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner give you everything you need to take control of how your locos look and what they do. You can also share your work with all players around the world on any platform, plus you can also take inspiration from creators across the globe!

Let the Game Decide

If you’re having one of those days where you aren’t sure what which route you want to dodrive, you can try Train Sim World 3’s new quick-play mode. Selecting quick play on the menu gives you the choice of less or more than 30 minutes of gameplay, then randomly picks from your entire collection a training module, scenario, or service you haven’t completed yet. This new mode could introduce you to a route that you own and haven’t explored before or drop you back into your favourite train!

Be a Railfan

There are different ways to play and enjoy Train Sim World 3. You don’t have to sit in the cab, why not take a trip as a passenger and let the AI take you on a tour in the routes of Train Sim World 3. You could also pick a route, pick a location and wait and see what which locomotives come along, living that true railfan experience. You might even see the famous #Trainbow in Southeastern Highspeed, make sure you grab your camera and take a screenshot!
Today, we'll be sharing some of our favourite creators playing the game live on our social channels, and on Thursday, 19:00 UTC, Matt and JD will be playing Train Sim World 3 live. They will be touring the new routes with Dynamic Weather, showcasing the new Training Center and driving the locomotives.
Train Sim World 3 Deluxe Edition, Standard Edition and the Regional Starter Packs are available now on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Epic Games Store. Train Sim World 3 Standard Edition is also available to download now for Xbox Game Pass!
Train Sim World Compatible add-ons are also now available to purchase/download on Steam, Xbox and Epic Games Store. Sony will be operating to a staggered release schedule for legacy content, to learn more visit this thread on our forums or you can find out more in our ‘What you need to know article here. If you own Train Sim World 2 on Xbox, Steam and Epic Games Store you’ll be able to download Bakerloo Line, Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen and Sand Patch Grade within Train Sim World 3. They will also be available to purchase separately. New Journeys Expansion will be made available for Train Sim World 3 sometime after launch.
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Available Now!

We can’t wait for you to play Train Sim World 3, so make sure you’re letting us know your thoughts on our forums and socials. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.
The following Train Sim World 2020 Add-Ons: CSX GP40-2, Northeast Corridor New York, and Amtrak SW1000R & Metroliner Cab Car will not be available for Train Sim World 3
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