Train Sim World 4

Train Sim World 3: Game Update - November 8th

Hello folks,
We have our next series of post-release improvements as we approach the release of Birmingham: Cross-City, our first new route since the launch of TSW3! This update brings a range of performance enhancements, stuttering reductions, UI fixes and further scenario medal experience adjustments to allow more gold medals to be achieved.
Thank you all for continuing your feedback, we will keep improving Train Sim World 3 to be the best it can be with more updates to come.


Firstly, for our players on Steam, we’ve removed your fast-track ticket out of the game – you will no longer experience a crash when exiting to desktop.


We’ve implemented a fix that should reduce game-wide micro-stuttering to make the experience as smooth as possible. The team has also removed points of lag in certain conditions, such as instantly rotating the camera when loading into a route as well as during the Shop Class scenario on Cajon Pass, coupling the two ES44C4's together should no longer momentarily pause the game.
The DB Dopplestock will also no longer massively impact performance when having the headlights activated – You may now safely and smoothly, go into the night.


We’ve fixed an error so LZB should no longer jump down in distance in the middle of a ride. If you continue to experience issues after this patch, let us know on our forums.

Fixed achievements:

Further adjustments have been made to the required experience of medals across various routes to allow for gold medals to be achievable. This patch includes the 1938 Heritage Tube Stock Introduction on the Bakerloo line, S-Bahn Shutdown Scenario and Wash and Go Scenario on München-Augsburg and the Cane Creek Introduction.

Full Changelog:

  • You will no longer receive a crash when closing the game on Steam
  •  Fixed  LZB should no longer jump down in distance mid-ride
  • Player will be restricted to interact with controls during voice overs - stay still!
  • Reduced initial lag when loading into a new route and immediately rotating the camera
  • DTL menu buttons will now update to display when connection is offline
  •  Fixed  Tick icons will now correctly appear next to completed routes
  •  Fixed  Allowed Speed Indicator Line will no longer change when inside the Pause Menu
  • Added ‘Resume Last played’ thumbnail on various routes (Ruhr Sieg Nord, Bakerloo, Sand Patch Grade, Cane Creek, München-Augsburg and Main-Spessart Bahn)
UI - Text
  •  Fixed  Text should remain within the initial pop-up text box when loading into a route
  •  Fixed  ‘Stop At Objective’ text will now be readable in all scenarios
  • Correctly added a title for On Foot exploration
  • [Xbox] Keyboard will now only pop up when selecting the Search Bar and Filter options
Southeastern High-Speed
  •  Fixed  Crash when exiting to menu on the Last Stop Scenario
Cajon Pass
  •  Fixed  Shop Class Scenario - The game will no longer pause momentarily after coupling the two ES44C4s together
  •  Adjusted  1938 Heritage Tube Stock Introduction - Adjusted required experience to all medals to allow a gold medal to be achievable
Sand Patch Grade
  •  Fixed  All C40-8W services will now correctly load
Cane Creek
  •  Adjusted  Cane Creek Introduction - Reduced required experience for a gold medal to allow it to be achievable
  •  Adjusted  S-Bahn Shutdown Scenario - Reduced required experience for a gold medal to allow it to be achievable
  •  Adjusted  Wash and Go Scenario - Reduced required experience for a gold medal to allow it to be achievable
Other Loco Changes
[ DB Dopplestock ]
  • Having the lights on will no longer impact Performance massively on Main-Spessart Bahn and Ruhr Sieg Nord
  •  Fixed  AI trains will now correctly display lights and PIS screens
[ TGV Duplex ]
  •  Fixed  Derailment when applying the air brakes
  •  Adjusted  Smoother TVM braking curves between shorter blocks
Train Sim World 4
Train Sim World 3: Game Update - November 8th