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Find out what's upcoming for Train Sim World 2 in our latest Roadmap update!
Welcome to the final Roadmap update for 2020.
Since the last Roadmap we have released the LGV route and you should now have had the opportunity to enjoy what this high-speed route has to offer.
There are a significant number of new editions to this Roadmap, primarily focusing on audio improvements for the Preserved Collection which were previously listed as one point.
In the new year we will overhaul the format of the Roadmap to give you a better sense of the broad projects being worked on rather than cluttering up the list with small-scale bug fixes and improvements. We will still provide the detail however this will be presented separately so that this update better serves its purpose as a snapshot of what’s coming up.
We’ve learned a great deal about the kind of information that is of greatest interest to Train Sim World 2 players over the course of this year’s Roadmap update. As such we want to focus on the areas you are more keenly interested while still providing granular information for those who want to know more.
We will also be adding the next routes, locos and other add-ons that are planned over the course of 2021.
For a full explanation of what each stage of development means please refer to the first Roadmap
Key: ▲ Moved up ▼ Moved down ★ New listing
  • [Route Add-On] FBB-R7 01 - LGV Méditerranée: Marseille - Avignon. With SNCF TGV Duplex
  • [Fix] One of the Hard Hat collectibles is placed behind an invisible wall
  • [Upgrade] Raildriver and external hardware support 'Phase 1'
  • [Fix]Motion Blur option is not saved between game sessions, reverting to ON if switched OFF
  • [Improvement] DB BR ICE 3M User Guide
  • [Feature] Train Sim World 2 Mastery
  • [Fix] Köln-Aachen Timetable - Add missing EOTDs to affected Freight services
  • [Fix] Go-Via instructions asking players to wait until an allotted time in "ICE to Meet You" scenario on Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen
  • [Fix] Isle of Wight additional fixes
  • [Fix] Medals and Scoring is not provided on the Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen timetable
  • [Fix] Aachen to Köln - On arrival to Düren Platform 5 the player has to open the doors on the opposite side to the platform, in order to trigger the objective
  • [Fix] The sun is missing from the sky on PS4
  • [Fix] Köln-Aachen - Invisible walls around entrance to Platform 10 and 11 at Köln Kbf
  • [Fix] Köln-Aachen Timetable - Remove service S19 Düren 06:35 from selection (this is not a player drivable service)
  • [Fix] Köln-Aachen Timetable - Add missing Drivers to affected services
  • [Improvement] Horn control on the BR406 has a forced delay before it can be reused, preventing multiple tone application
  • [Improvement] Expand the number of platforms available for use in the Scenario Planner for Köln-Aachen
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Schnellfahrstrecke Köln train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • ▲ [Fix] Red signals encountered in Scenario Planner for Northern Trans-Pennine
  • ▲ [Fix] Red signals encountered in Scenario Planner for Great Western Express
  • ▲ [Fix] Great Western Express High-Speed Train accelerating incorrectly
  • ▲ [Improvement]Expand the number of start/end points available in the Scenario Planner for Great Western Express
  • ▲ [Improvement]Expand the number of start/end points available in the Scenario Planner for Northern Trans-Pennine
  • ▲ [Upgrade]East Coastway Livery Designer Compatibility (BR Class 377, BR Class 66 and JNA Box Wagon)
  • ▲ [Fix] Invisible wall blocking navigation of Elephant & Castle station on Bakerloo Line
  • ▲ [Fix] The CCTV Monitors on the platform at Harlesden on Bakerloo Line clip into the train
  • ▲ [Route Add-On] GBC-R7 01 - Southeastern High Speed: London St Pancras - Faversham with BR Class 395 EMU, BR Class 375 EMU
  • ★ [Fix] The Northern Trans-Pennine BR Class 47 brake system can get stuck on
  • ★ [Fix]The High-Speed Train is no longer accelerating at a prototypical rate since the Preserved Collection release of Great Western Express
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Rapid Transit train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • ▲ [Fix] Settings not being saved between game sessions
  • ▲ [Improvement] Scenario Start indication issue in Scenario Designer
  • ▲ [Improvement] Stop Points on Bakerloo Line are not aligned with the platform monitors
  • ▲ [Fix]Cannot complete collectibles on Bakerloo Line
  • ▲ [Fix]Cannot earn gold medals on Empty to Depot services on East Coastway
  • ▲ [Fix] Service 1D35 on Great Western Express is blocked by a red signal at Maidenhead
  • ▲ [Fix]East Coastway BR Class 66 is appearing in place of the Great Western Express BR Class 66 in Aggregate Industries scenario, preventing it from being completed.
  • ▲ [Fix]Cannot achieve a goal medal in Driving Rain scenario on Northern Trans-Pennine
  • ▲ [Fix]Player train derails when entering Acton Yard at the end of Aggregate Industries scenario on Great Western Express
  • ▲ [Improvement] User guides
  • [Fix] Localisation correction on introduction video subtitles.
  • [Fix] Reports of Player Objectives being scrambled upon resuming from a save game
  • [Fix] Reinstate London landmarks for Console on Bakerloo Line
  • [Fix] Out of Memory reports caused by particular routes or trains - multiple occurrences
  • [Fix] Trains spawning backwards in Scenario Designer
  • [Fix] Several Timetable services experiencing a game crash approximately 2km from Köln.
  • [Fix] Reports of a game crash for Peninsula Corridor.
  • [Improvement] Add full length platform 'climb up' function to Preserved Collection routes
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L7 01 – BR Class 313 EMU (For East Coastway)
  • [Loco Add-On] DKK-L7 02 - DB BR 187 (Developed by Skyhook Games)
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L7 02 – BR Class 465 EMU (For Southeastern High Speed)
  • [Loco Add-On] DKK-L7 01 - DB BR 101 (For Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr)
  • [Loco Add-On] DGG-L6 02 - Vossloh G6 (For Rhein-Ruhr Osten) - Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DBB-L5 01 - DB BR420 Electric Multiple Unit (For Hauptstrecke München-Augsburg) Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DDD-L5 01 - DB BR232 Diesel Locomotive (For Ruhr-Sieg Nord) Developed by TSG
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R7 02 - Cane Creek. With UP AC4400CW & SD40-2. (Developed by Skyhook Games)
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R5 01 - Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante. With CRR F7 A&B and SD40
  • [Route Add-On] CBB-R7 01 - Arosa Line with RhB Ge 4/4 II (Developed by Rivet Games)
  • [Route Add-On] DBB-R7 05 - Hamburg – Lübeck. With DB BR 112 + Doppelstockwagen & MRCE BR 182
  • [Upgrade] Livery Designer compatibility for Preserved Collection
  • [Upgrade]BR182 Livery Designer Compatibility (Rapid Transit)
  • [Upgrade]BR Class 52 Livery Designer Compatibility (West Somerset Railway)
  • [Upgrade]MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet' Livery Designer Compatibility (Peninsula Corridor)
  • [Fix]Creating a scenario from Brighton P8 to Seaford P2 results in a red signal at the start on East Coastway
  • [Fix]Creating a scenario from Stonebridge Park does not work on Bakerloo Line
  • [Fix]Service 1P51 on Great Western Express requires wrong side doors to be opened at London Paddington
  • [Fix]Hayes & Harlington service in Down the Line scenario on Great Western Express cannot be completed
  • [Fix]Service 1B05 on Great Western Express is blocked by a red signal at London Paddington
  • [Fix]It is not possible to set the required throttle notch in the Great Western Express scenario, BR Class 66
  • ★ [Fix] Wagons can clip through the closed Wagon repair shop doors in the BR Class 20 scenario Chopper and Change
  • ★ [Improvement] The BR Class 377 EMU brakes are over-powered on East Coastway
  • ★ [Fix] The objective marker is incorrectly placed for 'BEGIN REFUELLING...' in the Great Western Express scenario, Aggregate Industries
  • ★ [Fix] It is possible to create a scenario without selecting a locomotive in the Scenario Planner
  • ★ [Fix] The search box cannot be reached when using a controller in the Scenario Planner
  • ★ [Improvement] Initial focus is not on the marker list in the Scenario Planner making it hard to create scenarios
  • ★ [Fix] Rail vehicles spawn overlapping each other at Minehead station on the West Somerset Railway
  • ★ [Improvement] The 'Go Via' objective text is blended with the background in the East Coastway scenario Enthusiast Excursion
  • ★ [Improvement] Its possible to complete the final objective without stopping at the designated place in the Great Western Express BR Class 166 Introduction
  • ★ [Improvement] There is no marker near the cab door as in other training introductions, in the Great Western Express BR Class 166 Introduction
  • ★ [Fix] The locomotive continues to run even after Control and fuel pump switch is set to OFF during Engine Startup in the Great Western Express BR Class 66 Introduction
  • ★ [Improvement] Setting the Throttle to Notch 1 completes objective that states set it ABOVE Notch 1 in the Great Western Express scenario Christmas Closure
  • ★ [Improvement] Severe FPS drops encountered in Heavy Freight Pack scenario, Standedge Struggle
  • ★ [Fix] Incorrect footstep audio is observed on platforms on the West Somerset Railway
  • ★ [Improvement] The UI shows the 'Hamburger' button to start scenarios in the Scenario Planner, but it should be the A or X button depending on the console
  • ★ [Improvement] Placement of selection highlight is in the middle of the list while adding a service
  • ★ [Improvement] Locomotives of the same name appear twice in the formation list for Scenario Designer
  • ★ [Fix] Some Stop point markers are placed at wrong end of chosen location for scenarios created in the Scenario Planner
  • ★ [Investigate] Poor performance reported for the Northern Trans-Pennine route
  • ★ [Fix] Some of the content provided with the Heavy Freight Pack is untranslated
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection M3 on Long Island Railroad audio
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection M7 on Long Island Railroad audio
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection environment audio on East Coastway
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection BR Class 377 on East Coastway audio
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection audio on Main-Spessart Bahn
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection rail-joint audio for the BR 425 on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
  • ★ [Investigate] Reports of issues with the Bell in the GP38-2 on Sand Patch Grade
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection BR Class 20 audio on Tees Valley Line
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection MP36PH-3C 'Baby Bullet' audio on Peninsula Corridor
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection F40PH-2CAT audio on Peninsula Corridor
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection BR143 audio on Ruhr-Sieg Nord
  • ★ [Investigate] Preserved Collection BR155 audio on Ruhr-Sieg Nord
  • ★ [Investigate] Reports of looping artifacts in the audio of the Rapid Transit BR1442
  • ★ [Investigate] Reports of looping artifacts in the audio of the Köln-Aachen BR442
  • [Fix] Scenario Designer initial selection focus issue
  • [Fix] Peninsula Corridor fix overlapping wagons
  • [Fix] Ruhr-Sieg Nord pathing error fix
  • [Fix] Stop NPCs crossing the tracks at level crossings on Rapid Transit
  • [Fix] Dynamic Brakes not working correctly on CSX AC4400 on Sand Patch Grade
  • [Improvement] Expansion of services in the timetable for Bakerloo Line
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Sand Patch Grade train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • [Improvement] Expansion of Peninsula Corridor train formation options in the Scenario Designer
  • [Improvement] Add Safety System Indicators to the HUD
  • [Improvement] Manuals
  • [Improvement] Standard download size reduction
  • [Improvement] Change "Do you want to end this session" popup from Yes to No by default
  • [Investigate] Gold Panning trophy reported as not unlocking
  • [Investigate] Signals do not clear if AI trains are run in front of the player on Long Island Railroad for user created scenarios
  • [Investigate] HUD reported as not working correctly for the MP36PH-3C Baby Bullet locomotive.
  • [Investigate] In-cab controls for the Headlights on the BR 143 are reported as not working
  • [Investigate] Adding layers to Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg on console
  • [Investigate] Door command not working on DB BR 442 ‘Talent 2’.
  • [Fix] Service 2C09 Newhaven Harbour to Brighton is terminated by a SPAD on a green signal.
  • [Improvement] Expand substitution on West Somerset Railway Timetable
  • [Fix] Untranslated content on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
  • [Fix] Freight Exchange scenario on Ruhr-Sieg Nord is blocked by a red signal at the start
  • [Fix] Koln-Aachen - Missing bridge west of Düren Hbf. Only affects consoles.
  • [Fix] Some S-Bahn services on Köln-Aachen are getting stuck a red signals attempting to traverse the single line section
  • [Investigate] AMD driver compatibility and stability
  • [Loco Add-On] Great Western 1970's - BR Blue theme gameplay pack for GWE. (this also introduced Multiple Timetable support and is the first addon to use it).
  • [Upgrade] Add Platform Departure Boards to Long Island Railroad DLC
  • [Upgrade] Add Platform Departure Boards to East Coastway DLC
  • [Upgrade] Track-IR support
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