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TSW: Time for a Sprint

State-of-the-art, stylish, and melodic – three ways to describe the DB BR 182, which is coming soon to Train Sim World for “Rapid Transit” S-Bahn services!
By the time that the new century was on the horizon, many railway companies throughout Europe were looking to renew their locomotive fleets. This prompted manufacturers to step forward with a multitude of designs, and one of those was the EuroSprinter.
These locomotives were presented as a part of a platform which was capable of diverse duty, irrespective of region or intended use, all while meeting the latest standards of safety and technology of the time.
Two main types were available, the “F” was for designed specifically for freight haulage, whereas the “U” was universal, capable of hauling both freight and passenger stock. All put down 6,400 kW at full power, and they could be ordered with either one or multiple overhead electrification voltages. These options gave them their product classifications, with the base name being “ES 64”.
All motive power has its quirks, but none could be quite as unique as this universal locomotive. As it accelerates, the three-phase motor sequence produces a finely tuned “Do Re Mi” melody, rising up through 13 notes before settling into a more traditional sound set. In addition, as typical braking uses the traction motors to slow down, the same can be heard in reverse, stepping down gradually until the locomotive comes to a stop.
Deutsche Bahn ordered a fleet of 25 “ES 64 U2” locomotives (universal, two electrification types) for mixed traffic use throughout Germany and classified them as the DB BR 182. Their life started out hauling freight under DB Railion, however as time went on, more powerful locomotives would soon fill these shoes, and the DB BR 182s would be put to work wherever required.
In multiple cases, the DB BR 182 fleet was drafted into passenger networks that were awaiting a delivery of new rolling stock, or so they could be used in the event of failures. Twinned with a rake of doppelstock coaches, the 182s would eventually see use on the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn’s S2 line through Leipzig, providing extra capacity while the renewed network was waiting for its delayed batch of DB BR 1442 EMUs to roll off the production line.
When it comes to Train Sim World, the DB BR 182 will add a dash of red to Rapid Transit, and depict the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn during this transitional period, where DB BR 1442 EMUs were still being delivered. Watch this space to find out more!
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26 Feb
TSW: Time for a Sprint
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