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TSW: The Tees Type Two

More bygone freight operations are set to come to life in Train Sim World, as the iconic BR Class 31 is coming soon in all its thrashy glory!
It was the late 1950s, and British Railways were kicking off the start of the radical modernisation plan, which would see steam locomotives retired in favour of brand new, diesel-powered traction. The biggest challenge was designing locomotives that could cover a wider range of duties than their predecessors, of which many variants existed to fill specific roles.
BR were looking for locomotives of various power ratings, and both Brush Traction and English Electric delivered; EE would produce locos such as the Type 3, which would later be known as the BR Class 37 and Type 5, the Class 55 Deltics, meanwhile Brush were responsible for the Type 4 (Class 47) but not before building the Type 2.
The Brush Type 2 was designed to fill the 1000-1499 horsepower rating, making them suitable on lower-priority passenger and freight trains. The first examples were built with Mirrlees engines, however these were soon swapped out for an engine built by English Electric, similar to the one used in their own Type 3 design. The first Type 2s entered service in the Eastern Region, however they soon found use across the country as the fleet grew in size, and with the introduction of TOPS, they were classified as the BR Class 31.
Multiple subclasses of the Class 31s were produced, particularly as technology progressed over time, however the standard locomotive was the 31/1, which featured steam heating boilers, a headcode display atop each cab, and multiple-working compatibility with many other diesel locomotives. The 31/1s were used on secondary passenger duties and lighter freight traffic – they would often be used in pairs for freight as their low power rating would make them prone to slipping.
The fleet of 263 locomotives were based across 12 depots throughout England, including in Thornaby depot, where the 31s would take charge of trains across the Tees Valley Line.
After having a career spanning decades, and a successful life in preservation, it’s time to turn the clock back and experience the iconic BR Class 31 in its heyday as it is coming soon to Train Sim World!
The BR Class 31/1 was the standard locomotive for secondary duties, and it will soon be coming to Train Sim World in worse-for-wears BR Corporate Blue livery.
Accompanying the BR Class 31 will be the PCA Tank Wagon, which the 31 will work over the Tees Valley Line route on Cement train duties, adding to the 37-hauled coke and steel trains that already populate the route.
You’ll be working with two locomotives at a time when in hauling freight with the Class 31; they were designed to fulfil a lower power rating, however sometimes that proved to be too low, and it has often been stated that 31s wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding!
Watch this space, as the classic BR Class 31 will soon be arriving for Tees Valley duty in Train Sim World!
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TSW: The Tees Type Two