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Semmeringbahn: Pre-order & Livestream

See more of our first fully Austrian route Add-on tonight with the Railfan TV Team. Semmeringbahn: Wiener Neustadt - Mürzzuschlag is coming 18th April!
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10% Pre-order discount on Steam!

Semmeringbahn is the first fully Austrian route Add-on to come to Train Sim World, with two distinct sections offering different forms of operation: A gentle, winding ride through steep passes and up challenging gradients, ending with a rapid dash to the finish along the straight ‘racetrack’ section heading through to Wiener Neustadt.
You can read some more detail about the geography of the route and the timetabled services in our Announce Article.

NEW Locomotive: ÖBB 1116 ‘Taurus’

Though the ‘Taurus’ has been seen in Train Sim World before, this variant run by ÖBB has a number of features that differentiate it from its other EuroSprinter relatives.
The cab alone had a more modern layout, with the centre dials and information displayed on a screen, rather than the dials seen on the DB BR 182. This is flanked by a single screen on the right-hand side of the cab, as opposed to the dual screens seen in other locomotives.
Operationally the differences are subtle but important. The DB BR 182, for example, applies sanding automatically, whereas this is a manual process in the ÖBB 1116.

Rolling Stock and Formation Designer (beta):

ÖBB Bmz Coaches, Habbiins, Sggmrss and Shimmns wagons

Included in the release are the ÖBB Bmz Coaches, which are similar (but not exactly the same) as the DB IC Coaches seen in German route Add-ons. Freight services will consist of the Habbiins, Sggmrss and Shimmns wagons.
Today’s Core Update brings the Formation Designer (beta) feature to consoles! This means players on Xbox and PlayStation can begin to experiment with consists and formations using the rolling stock in their collection. PC players have had this since ability the previous Winter Update.
With four different types of stock to haul in Semmeringbahn, this route provides an ideal starting point for curating your own trains!

Also Included: ÖBB 4024 Talent 1 EMU

The ÖBB 4024 appears as an included train in Semmeringbahn for services running local trains mainly between Wiener Neustadt Hbf and Payerbach-Reichenau.
Those who might not be familiar with the 1116 might instead wish to run these services to get to grips with the route using traction they are comfortable with, whilst admiring the scenery along the way.
The ÖBB 4024 Talent 1 EMU is included with Semmeringbahn: Wiener Neustadt - Mürzzuschlag. Players do not need to own S-Bahn Vorarlberg or Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim to make use of this train.
Today's Core Update mentioned earlier also includes some minor improvements and fixes for the ÖBB 4024, which you can read in the changelog.
Readers of our April Roadmap will know that we’re working on implementing Suspension Updates and our latest test showcased this on the ÖBB 4024 Talent 1. We’d like to invite you all to share some initial feedback for the video shown, especially for those of you with experience riding the 4024! Please share your thoughts on our ÖBB 4024 Suspension feedback thread we’ve opened.
Note: this feature is in development and will not be present in Semmeringbahn upon release.

The Route: Wiener Neustadt - Mürzzuschlag

Our First Look at Semmeringbahn also dropped with the April Roadmap, showing the ÖBB 1116 and 4024 in action through some of densely wooded and mountainous rural countryside, as well as the busy stations the occupy each end of the route.
The stunning backdrop and scenery is perhaps best seen from the summit of the route at Semmering with the station the perfect place to admire the Austrian landscape from. Plenty of tunnels and viaducts go by on the journey there, with the most notable: the multi-layered Kalte Rinne aqueduct, seen between Wolfsbergkogel and Breitenstein.
Throughout the route there’ll be the usual host of collectibles to hunt down like route maps and first aid points, as well as the fallen branches to chop up as was seen in Salzburg – Rosenheim. There’ll also be 25 Hiker Backpacks hidden across the landscape to find!

Services, Layers and Gameplay

Our Announce Article detailed how the timetabled services are split between the ÖBB 1116 and 4024, as well as the list of layers required for mixed freight consists (which might also be useful with Formation Designer).
Three playable rail tours can be operated using the following locomotives and IC coaches from Linke Rheinstrecke:
  • DB BR 103 + IC coaches: Linke Rheinstrecke (AI = February to April)
  • British Rail Class 47 + IC coaches: Blackpool Branches + Linke Rheinstrecke (AI = June to July)
  • Railpool Vectron + IC coaches: Railpool BR 193 Vectron + Linke Rheinstrecke (AI = August – September)
All three rail tours are seasonal, and so do not appear as AI in the timetable for most of the in-game year.
The Railpool BR 193 Vectron will also sub into ÖBB 1116 freight services, for players that own that locomotive.
Players that own Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim will also be able to operate four EC services that use the ÖBB 1116 electric locomotive and coaches on that route. These coaches will also be seen as static stock at Salzburg Hbf.
The ÖBB 1116 will also sub into freight services on S-Bahn Vorarlberg.
Also included are 5 Scenarios:
  • Firewatch: A service is interrupted by a wildfire!
  • Blizzard Bus: A rescue service put in place to pick up lost hikers in the mountains
  • Milkshake: A freight service interrupted by a cow that takes ‘Free Roam’ a little too literally as well as a landslide!
  • Snowed In: Double up a passenger service before heading to Semmering, help a train that’s got stuck and drive back down the mountain.
  • I Need A Hero: Couple up to the back of a freight service and help push it up the mountain to Semmering, before uncoupling and heading back down.

Livestream tonight at 1900 BST – Semmeringbahn Preview

You can join the Railfan TV team on Twitch and YouTube for a preview of the route at 18:00 UTC / 19:00 BST tonight.
Train Sim World 4: Semmeringbahn: Wiener Neustadt - Mürzzuschlag route Add-on will be available from 18th April for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for €35.99/£29.99/$39.99
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11 Apr
Semmeringbahn: Pre-order & Livestream