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Train Sim World 4: Boxed Edition

Out Now on PS4, PS5 and PC

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the railfan in your life, or just want to hold a physical copy of Train Sim World 4 in your hands, then you can currently buy Train Sim World 4 in Boxed format - Out Now!
Train Sim World 4: Boxed Edition comes with all the features of Train Sim World 4: Standard Edition plus an extra route Add-on - Train Sim World Compatible: LGV Méditerranée and a selection of exclusive Art Cards!

PlayStation Plus: 2 Hour Free Trial

PS Plus members that have still yet to jump into Train Sim World 4 can now do so for free for a period of 2 hours. Depending on region / territory, members will have access to one of Train Sim World 4's Regional Editions:

Once the 2 hours are over, the route will remain in members' libraries and can be played again upon purchase of any core Train Sim World 4 offering.
During the 2 hours, you can take advantage of Train Sim World 4's brand new features in Free Roam and Photo Mode. There's also new controller haptic support including vibration during throttle movements and track joints, seeing the next signal aspect colour in the lightbar and audible warnings through the controller speaker when safety systems are enabled.
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Train Sim World 4
21 Nov
Train Sim World Sales and Discounts