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Rush Hour Community Challenge

Take part in this month's Community Challenge to decide which Rush Hour route gets featured on Dovetail Live first!
With Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour now announced, you decide which route we take a behind the scenes look at first with a special Community Challenge setting the UK vs US vs Germany. Your challenge is simple...


Pick the country you would like to find out more on for Rush Hour (Germany, UK or US).


Complete as many services as you can for that country. It doesn't matter where you live, tracking is purely on the virtual route not your real-world location. Preserved routes also count.


The winning country unlocks an exclusive developer diary about the route which will be published on Dovetail Live after the challenge completes.
The Community Challenge closes on 24th May. Following this, the winning country's article will be published on Dovetail Live giving you a closer look at the development process for one of the exciting upcoming routes: Northeast Corridor: Boston - Providence, Brighton Main Line: London Victoria - Brighton and Bahnstrecke Riesa - Dresden. Don’t panic if your favourite region doesn't win, we will be releasing more on the other routes at a later date.
Additionally, we have attached a target for each region to achieve by the 24th of May, should any region complete this on or before this date it will unlock the Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour wallpaper for desktop and mobile that will be available for everyone who participated. Once unlocked this will be available here.
We have made it nice and easy for you to keep track of your countries progress throughout the challenge, you have can find the ongoing trackers on our website and via updates on our social channels.
So, pick your favourite region, take to the tracks and complete as many services as possible!
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Train Sim World
6 May
Rush Hour Community Challenge
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