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RhB Anniversary Collection Out Now!

Add a splash of colour to the snow-covered mountains of the Swiss Alps and take in the view with the new RhB Anniversary Collection, the perfect festive Add-On to the spectacular Arosalinie: Chur – Arosa, developed by Rivet Games, and available now for Train Sim World 2!
This brand-new collection is the perfect Add-on to the already cinematic Arosalinie. With a variety of festive-themed gameplay, 5 distinctive liveries for the Ge 4/4 II locomotive, and the white and yellow RhB observation coach, it offers plenty of new ways to enjoy and explore the famous Arosa Line.
The RhB is well known for introducing some of the most unique and eye-catching liveries ever seen on a locomotive. The 5 featured in the RhB Anniversary Collection Add-On stand out as some of the best, celebrating landmark Anniversary dates of over 100 years or more of the Arosa Line, the entire RhB, and a selection of other famous RhB routes. Each locomotive sporting a new livery is a railfan's dream, as they are easily identifiable and make for superb railfan shots.
Keep your eyes peeled for the following locomotives!
  • No. 619 ‘Samedan’ “100 years Bernina 1910-2010“
  • No. 620 ‘Zernez’ “100 years Bever-Scuol 1913-2013“
  • No. 623 ‘Bonaduz’ “125 years RhB 1889-2014“
  • No. 627 ‘Reichenau-Tamins’ “100 years Chur-Arosa 1914-2014“
  • No. 630 ‘Trun’ “100 years Chur-Disentis 1912-2012“
In addition to these striking locomotives, Rivet has introduced the RhB’s white and yellow observation coach, popular amongst holidaymakers and Railfans, this open-sided and glass-roofed coach gives you or your passengers an entirely different perspective of the Arosa line. Primarily used during warmer weather it gives passengers a remarkable experience of the sights and smells of the mountains, valleys, and forests that surround Arosa and Chur. During the winter months, this can get rather chilly. There are two versions of the coach in the Add-On, one that has been given a festive touch, and includes twinkling lights and seasonal music that can easily be turned on and off, the other is without lights or music for the warmer months.
A new and additional timetable and five engaging scenarios let you put the locos and observation coach to work across mixed-traffic duties, getting you in the Christmas spirit with festive-themed gameplay. The “Christmas Delivery” scenario puts you in control of one of the most important loads of the year, the delivery of Christmas presents for all the stations along the route, Santa is never late, you need to stick to the timetable too!
Finally, to give the entire route a more festive feel Rivet has added colourful lights to station buildings and grand Langwieser Viaduct, Christmas trees with sparkling lights and huge snowmen. How many snowmen can you spot across the route?
Train Sim World 2: RhB Anniversary Collection is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam! Railfan TV’s Matt and Jamie are joined tonight by Jasper from Rivet Games as they celebrate the launch. Watch live on Twitch or YouTube at 20:00 UTC on 16th December.
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16 Dec
RhB Anniversary Collection Out Now!