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PS4 - Downloading owned Add-ons

Hello everyone,
Here's the latest on PS4 and downloading owned Add-ons.
All content should now be available, but can take a while to get to your PlayStation - so don’t panic if you don't see anything immediately. Due to the nature of the update, times will vary for every player.
When the Add-on(s) become available in your PlayStation Store, here are a list of instructions to get you playing:
Download the Add-on(s) from the PlayStation Store (they should show as 'free' - please don't repurchase any routes you already own on PlayStation) - these will continue to populate over the coming hours
This will trigger the update to the Add-on
If you experience any issues, then please try uninstalling and reinstalling your game. Details on how to do that are here.
Thanks for your continued patience, and we hope to get you in-game soon!
If you have any issues after the content has come to your PlayStation, please let us know by submitting a Support ticket.
Train Sim World
19 Aug
PS4 - Downloading owned Add-ons