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PlayStation 4 Update – September 3rd

After working with Sony over the past couple of weeks, we believe that all outstanding issues related to PlayStation 4 and access to already-purchased Add-ons after the Rush Hour update have been fixed.
Last night, Sony pushed an update which enabled all remaining Add-ons (including the DB BR 182 Add-on, and LIRR M3 EMU Add-on) to be able to be downloaded by all players.

Here are the steps to take to redownload your Add-ons:

  • Reboot your PS4 - please ensure you power down your whole system, rather than putting into power saver or standby mode
  • Navigate to Train Sim World 2 on the PS4 dashboard
  • Press down on the D-Pad and navigate to PlayStation Store
  • Select 'Your Add-Ons'
  • Select the 'download' icon next to the Add-ons you wish to download (you will need to reinstall any Add-ons which are currently not showing in-game).
  • Once installed, load Train Sim World 2
Note: This will not come with a game update to download, and if you log in, the game will look as it did beforehand until you download your Add-ons from the store.
If you’ve followed the instructions above and are still missing Add-ons, our current recommendation is to head to PlayStation Support and submit a ticket, as it is likely a caching issue and they are able to help.
We appreciate this has been a difficult couple of weeks, and would like to once again thank you all for your patience as we’ve worked with Sony on a solution, and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition upgrade to PlayStation 5

We’re happy to announce that all players who own the PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition should also now be able to upgrade their Add-ons to PlayStation 5 versions, should they choose to do so. Thanks for your patience whilst we’ve enabled this.
Note: As a side note, having the disc will not entitle players to the PlayStation 5 Collector’s Edition bundle from the store. You will need to insert the disc and follow the path highlighted in the article above to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version.

Remaining issues

We are aware of a few remaining issues with how Add-ons are displayed on the PlayStation Store, and will continue to work with Sony on resolving this over the coming days.
Thank you, and have a lovely weekend.
Train Sim World
3 Sep
PlayStation 4 Update – September 3rd