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Player Update – Train Sim World 3 week 2

Hello folks,
We hope you’re enjoying your first experiences of Train Sim World 3. We’ve been delighted to see all your amazing Railfan Shots, feedback, and experiences so far whilst playing the game.
As you can expect our next Roadmap at the start of October, we wanted to provide a quick update as to what we’re doing to improve Train Sim World 3 over the coming weeks and months. The list below is not exhaustive, but contains some quality-of-life and improvements we’ve seen suggested by you since launch that are coming in the next patch.
As a quick note, the short-term improvements are already fixed and in a build, whereas the longer-term list are still in the investigation stage – so we cannot confirm timelines or that these will be released at this stage.

Short-term (next update, planned next week)

  • Add-ons Manager added for TSW2 (console only)
  • Mouse sensitivity slider added to Settings
  • Fixed fog getting extremely dense when descending from high altitude to low altitude
  • Lightning will no longer strike under cover, and will be at a greater distance from the player
  • Added option to return to the timetable menu after completing a service
  • Added ‘scroll to last selected route’ button when backing to the route selection menu 
  • Added Green Tick to completed services in timetable menu
  • Added recovery from Emergency Brake tooltip on ICE1
  • Player can now select each length of ICE1 in the menu screen
  • Player can select each length of ICE1 in the game menu
  • Improved 375 audio
  • Reduced rain audio when inside the cab with windows and doors shut
  • Traction motors should now be audible during deceleration
  • Class 66 coupler should now animate as expected
  • Class 465 tutorial can now be completed, meaning achievement can be unlocked
  • Added wheelblur to MFA wagons
  • Removed flashing in North Downs Tunnel
Cajon Pass
  • Updated training modules for ES44C4 and SD40-2 Training Modules to allow players to achieve Gold Medals
  • Long Island Railroad and Harlem Line M7 traction engine should no longer cut out after first 4 coaches pass
  • Added sound effects to LGV Mastery tile
  • Improvement of AFB and LZB physics on DB BR 101
Note: Add-ons Manager for TSW2 and the patch for TSW3 will be two separate releases, so might fall on different days/times.

Mid-term (ongoing – still in investigation stage or without release date)

  • Save Game – more on this below
  • Add-ons Manager for TSW3 – more on this below
  • Release of promised TSW2 Preservation Crew Content
  • Added visibility of Peninsula Corridor passenger services (previous update removed them from the UI accidentally) and 8 functioning level crossings
  • Continued improvements and optimisation of TSW3 core routes
  • Current unobtainable achievements (TSW2 and TSW3)
  • Adding rain to Class 66’s windscreen
  • DB BR 187 audio update
Note: if there’s something not included in this list, it doesn’t mean to say we’re not investigating it, but these we’ve seen some discussion over. We’ll have more information for you in October’s Roadmap.

Save Game

The big one.
The team have made good progress with the ‘Core’ element of the Save Game issue, adding some improvements to the dispatcher logic and behaviour, which we expect to have a positive impact on the Save Game. These are coming through now to be tested, and we hope these to be in your hands sooner rather than later.
IMPORTANT: What will come with this as we implement the first of these fixes will be a ‘Save Game’ toggle, which will, if you’re happy to continue to play with the risk of it not being fully functional, allow you to activate Save Game on all routes as we work through incremental improvements, and provide us feedback if you have any problems. After following your feedback, we feel like this will allow those who have wanted us to reintroduce the Save Game the ability to do so, with the first batch of improvements.
Once these initial updates have been tested and released, which we expect to have an impact across multiple routes in one go, we’ll look to pinpoint particular routes and work on improving individual issues we can identify, based on your feedback.
Note: These improvements are currently only planned to come to TSW3.

Add-ons Manager

As the roll-out of PlayStation TSW Compatible content continues , we’re (rightly) getting a lot of questions about the progress of the Add-ons Manager.
Hot off the press today is that we are happy the most recent build is in a good state to release for Train Sim World 2 in an update next week, and work can begin porting this to TSW3 and testing it immediately. This will be for console players only.
For PlayStation 5 players, this should enable you to download your entire libraries again on TSW2 – for all other players, you might experience an improvement on the amount of crashes you see (particularly on 8th-generation consoles and if you have a lot of Add-ons downloaded).
Thank you for being patient as we’ve been bringing this bespoke, complex solution to you – the end is in sight!
We hope you’ve found this short update informative. We’ll aim to bring you a more comprehensive Roadmap at the start of October.
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Thanks for your continued feedback, and we hope you’re enjoying Train Sim World 3! Make sure you’re letting us know your thoughts on our forums and socials. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.
The following Train Sim World 2020 Add-Ons: CSX GP40-2, Northeast Corridor New York, and Amtrak SW1000R & Metroliner Cab Car will not be available for Train Sim World 3
Train Sim World 4
Player Update – Train Sim World 3 week 2