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Nahverkehr Dresden – Release Date Announced!

Nahverkehr Dresden, the next route in the Rush Hour Season ticket, arrives in Train Sim World 2, September 9th! With only one week to go, find out more about the new Rush Hour route!


The latest route in the Rush Hour Season Ticket brings a mix of S-Bahn, Regional, inter-city and freight traffic. It takes advantage of all the new features of Rush Hour with a greater variety of passengers and passenger volume at peak times. Nahverkehr Dresden also features brand new lighting and reflective signage that really brings the night to life!


Dive deeper into the impressive locomotives featured in Nahverkehr Dresden. Learn more about the DB BR 442, DB BR 143, DB BR 146.2, DB BR 363 'V 60' Diesel Shunter and MRCE BR 185.5. Whilst not featured in the article you’ll also be able to take control of IC and ICE services with the BR 406 ICE 3M and DB BR 101 (available separately).


Find out more about the work that has gone into building Nehverkehr Dresden! We spoke to Joe and Michael from the development team on Train Sim World 2 to give us their insights. Lukas Klimczyk also joined us to discuss the work he is doing with signals and tracking laying along the new Rush Hour route.


Catch the RailfanTV team tonight on Twitch and YouTube at 19:00 UTC. Join Matt and Sam with the second preview stream of Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour - Nahverkehr Dresden!
Nahverkehr Dresden will be arriving September 9th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store and Steam! It will be available to purchase separately at launch or it is included as part of the Rush Hour Season Ticket alongside Boston Sprinter (Out Now) and London Commuter (Coming Soon).
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2 Sep
Nahverkehr Dresden – Release Date Announced!