Train Sim World 3

Introducing Mastery for Train Sim World

On Wednesday October 30th, we will be adding Mastery to Train Sim World

What is Mastery?

Mastery allows you to take on challenges in Train Sim World that will test your abilities by asking you to complete objectives, and as you master your routes you will unlock exclusive rewards to enhance your game.

What are the Challenges?

Challenges are route-specific tasks that you can complete in Train Sim World while going about your duties, for example, gaining 5 levels on a particular locomotive, or driving for a certain number of miles on a route. Challenges will be split into tiers, upon completion of each tier, you will unlock an in-game reward.

What are the Rewards?

Train Sim World Mastery will be launching with two tiers, each tier will unlock one of 2 in-game rewards:
With TSW2020, we introduced the ability to change your main menu Dioramas, and with Mastery, this now comes to life as completing challenges will allow you to unlock new Dioramas to display your collection on. When you unlock a new Diorama, you will be able to select it on the “Change Diorama” page of the main menu.
Additional Scenery
With Mastery, you can also unlock additional Scenery Tiles for routes. A Scenery Tile will add extra details to a particular section of a route – for example, completing Tier 2 on Northern Trans-Pennine will unlock hot air balloons for you to see around Marsden. When you unlock a Scenery Tile, it will be turned on by default but you can toggle this as you wish from the main menu.
Train Sim World Mastery will launch for Dovetail Live members across 4 routes: Great Western Express, Main-Spessart Bahn, Long Island Rail Road and Northern Trans-Pennine on October 30th.
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Train Sim World 3
Introducing Mastery for Train Sim World