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Treat Yo’elf this Festive Season - The Holiday Express – Runaway Elf!

Get ready to save Christmas! Climb abord a miniature train set and track down the mischievous elf running around a 1980s living room. Train Sim World 3: The Holiday Express – Runaway Elf Add-on is coming Tuesday 13th December!
‘Tis very much the season here at Dovetail Games and whilst work goes on behind-the-scenes to bring future routes and locomotives to Train Sim World 3, we couldn’t help but bring some festive cheer to the game too. The holiday season is all about having fun, right? We all enjoy sitting back in our favourite comfy chair, with keyboard or controller in-hand and relaxing with a casual gaming experience. No signals, no arrival times, no safety systems. Just you, the locomotive and a warm, cosy and nostalgia-filled living room train set to explore at leisure this Christmas.
But someone is up to no good. With the clock ticking down to midnight on Christmas Eve, a mischievous elf is running riot round the living room, moving presents and batteries to where they shouldn’t be! By the time you’re at the helm of the miniature locomotive, these items need to be tidied and the culprit brought to justice... It’s Richie Rails to the rescue!
Using the power of the unique Richie Rails F7 and a freely switchable layout of track, your tasks involve collecting up the scattered batteries and moving items back to where they belong before hunting down the naughty elf. There’s a place for them over on the naughty step! Simplified controls and plenty of switches and points mean that the whole living room can be explored and there is the chance for the whole family to get involved. There’s even a unique unlockable to obtain that will make your ability to traverse ‘Television Towers’, round ‘Xmas Tree Loop’ and stop at ‘Sofa Central’ much, much easier... for the first time in Train Sim World, players can unlock a car to drive in the form of a toy 4x4!
Once Christmas has been saved, then it’s time to relax with the living room train set. Locomotives and units from Train Sim World 3 and Train Sim World Compatible content can be swapped out through Scenario Planner, allowing you to thread some of the fastest, largest and longest trains through the living room’s landmarks. Speed past the sofa with the ICE1 or haul heavy freight below the hearth with the ES44C4. And with Livery Designer, adding a splash of colour to your trains can make it a uniquely casual Train Sim World experience.
The Holiday Express – Runaway Elf Add-on arrives for Train Sim World 3 on December 13th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam! It will be available for £7.99/$9.99/€9.99
(Estimated Add-on download size for PlayStation platforms: PS5 = 1GB, PS4 = 500MB)
We'll be talking about the Holiday Express in tonight's Roadmap stream at 17:00 UTC on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. We'll also be hosting a Let's Play of the new route on launch day - December 13th - at the same time. Join us for festivities, frolics, and naughty elves #cough# Adam and Alex #cough#.
There’ll also be a schedule of holiday events and competitions to get involved with throughout December, with a fantastic grand prize sweepstake to be announced later in the month!
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Train Sim World 4
Treat Yo’elf this Festive Season - The Holiday Express – Runaway Elf!