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TSW: Glorious Gargoyle

Unleash the power of the Ped and get hauling over the Tees Valley Line, as the BR Class 31 is available now for Train Sim World!
The BR Class 31 was designed in the 1950s as a low-to-mid range diesel locomotive, with the intent of replacing steam locomotives of similar calibre. In total, 263 were built across 5 subclasses, with the standard locomotive being the Class 31/1.
Based across the country, the BR Class 31s would take charge of mixed-traffic duties, often hauling freight in multiple and being drafted into all sorts of passenger use, and you can experience the “Gargoyle” for yourself in Train Sim World.
In Train Sim World, the BR Class 31 sports the BR Corporate Blue livery, as many examples still carried in 1989, and comes accompanied with PCA-V wagons which were built to carry cement, and as such, you’ll be hauling cement trains across the industry-heavy Tees Valley Line using both single (above) and double-headed formations (below).
Thanks to Armstrong Powerhouse who allowed us to source their BR Class 31 sound recordings, and with expert implementation from Ed Fisk, you can experience every distinct rattle and gurgle as authentic as they get, both inside the cab and out.
By the late 1980s the ageing BR Class 101s were often prone to failures, but to keep the timetable running, locomotives such as the BR Class 31 were called upon as replacement motive power. You’ll be hauling dead-in-tow Class 101s on passenger services between Darlington and Saltburn (above), including run-around procedures to get the Class 31 in position for the return runs (below).
In all, the BR Class 31 adds 17 additional timetabled services to the Tees Valley Line, as well as 3 scenarios and a training module. Not only that, but we’ve updated the Tees Valley Line to include its own Journey, and the Class 31 comes with an additional chapter.
Being rather elderly locomotives, many BR Class 31s have now either been scrapped, or found a new home in preservation, and you can take to heritage rails in the Gargoyle as it is able to be used on the West Somerset Railway in diesel gala fashion.
Delve into the BR Class 31 today, which is ready for departure in Train Sim World!
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14 Nov
TSW: Glorious Gargoyle
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