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TSW: Freight over the Pennines!

Get ready to climb aboard the iconic BR Class 40 and get shunting in the BR Class 08 – the BR Heavy Freight Pack is available now for Train Sim World!

The Whistler

A total of 200 BR Class 40 ‘Whistlers’ were built by English Electric over a four-year period from 1958 and were, for a time, considered to be the pride of British Rail’s early diesel fleet. In Train Sim World, the BR Class 40 is comes in weathered BR Corporate Blue livery, and features both headcode disk and marker light variants.

The Gronk

The BR Class 08 was the ‘go to’ locomotive for general purpose duties, with almost any shunting required in yards and at stations carried out by a ‘Gronk’ (named for their noise). Almost 1,000 BR Class 08's were built, and in the BR Heavy Freight Pack, you can enjoy this prolific shunter in stunning detail.

Trans-Pennine Freight

With the BR Heavy Freight Pack, an additional 24 services have been added to the main Northern Trans-Pennine route, which see you head both empty and loaded oil trains with rakes of well-used TEA tanker wagons. You will also be hauling the 2-axle box vans across the route, but not before fuelling up your loco!

Shunting and Sorting

A busy morning awaits for those who take charge of the BR Class 08, as in another 11 brand new services you’ll be tasked with shifting vans and preparing trains ready for locomotives, such as the BR Class 40, to haul away. Of course, there are also 3 additional scenarios that combine both shunting and hauling duties.

Service Swap-Out

The BR Heavy Freight Pack integrates seamlessly into Train Sim World: Northern Trans-Pennine, allowing you to use the BR Class 40 on existing passenger services, and in return, both the BR Class 45 and 47 locomotives can be put to work on the brand new freight services.
Add a twist to Northern Trans-Pennine with the BR Heavy Freight Pack, which is available now for Train Sim World!
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TSW: Freight over the Pennines!
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