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Fife Circle Line – Out Now!

Diesel delights come forth in Train Sim World 4 with the arrival of the Scotrail Class 170 in Fife Circle Line, featuring the iconic Forth Bridge!
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The Route: Edinburgh - Markinch via Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy

Rivet Games latest route brings more miles to Scotland with not one, but two lines splitting out from Inverkeithing: the Main Line and the Loop Line. The route also covers a brief overlap with the Edinburgh – Glasgow route Add-on between Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket and the magnificent Forth Bridge.
As a nod to the engaging social media content that rail operator ScotRail have published in recent years, we posted a ‘cab ride’ view from the Class 170 in-game showcasing the unique environment asset that represents Scotland’s most iconic piece of railway engineering. Completed in 1890, this incredible structure surrounds trains as they pass through approximately 8,000 feet of metalwork between the stations of Dalmeny and North Queensferry.
Beyond this it’s into the Lowlands and up to Markinch via one of two routes heading inland or via the scenic coastline. Later this year, ScotRail will be reopening the Leven branch line which splits from the Fife Circle Line near Markinch. Once the Leven branch has reopened, Rivet Games will begin work on adding this into the route Add-on as part of a post-release update.
For those that caught our Preview Stream last week, we can confirm that a number of changes have been made to the build in preparation for release, as the build shown (as is often the case when showcasing a route prior to launch) was a ‘Work In Progress’ Development build.
The changes include:
  • Improvements made to implementation of auto-announcer
  • Updated older building assets
  • Updated Factory and other scenery near Kirkcaldy (material changes and industrial features on columns)
  • Improved beach textures near Kinghorn
  • All Forth Bridge lights should work as expected
  • AWS magnet to always give advanced warning of speed restriction
  • Improved some performance issues on services
  • Various minor improvements to scenery textures along the route

The Train: ScotRail Class 170 DMU

NEW to Train Sim World is one of ScotRail’s diesel multiple units (DMUs), the Class 170 Turbostar. This units, one of a wider set of Turbostar classes, are used widely across the UK between major cities and on branch lines where electrification may not have fully taken hold.
An auto-announcer and functional GSMR form part of the in-game features for this train, along with a carefully recreated model both inside and out, which has been shown off as part of Rivet Games’ Dev Blog series. Below can see how they went about modelling the passenger interior, including the doors and seats, to bring this train into Train Sim World.
Other episodes include how they modelled the exterior and implemented the track sounds and announcements.
The Class 170 will no doubt prove popular in both Free Roam and Livery Designer for players with other UK routes in their collection, owing to the relevance of the Class 170 (albeit via operators not necessarily represented in-game) across Midland Main Line, Birmingham Cross-City, East Coat Main Line and more.

Future release: ScotRail Class 158 Loco Add-on

If you read our February Roadmap, you’ll know that Rivet Games are working alongside Skyhook Games to add the ScotRail BR Class 158 to the Fife Circle Route. This will release later in the year and is currently in the 4 – 6 months section of our March Roadmap.

Services and Gameplay

Five Scenarios will be included for players to get into, covering different styles of operation, including depot runs, unexpected obstructions and emptying bins at stations along the way.
In the timetable, services will consist primarily of Class 170 passenger services along the respective branches of the circle from Edinburgh Waverley, as well as a small number of shunting services. The forthcoming Skyhook Games Class 158 will also be available to operate in timetable mode when that comes later in the year.
Players with the ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow route Add-on will see plenty of services layer in for the Class 385, with many Edinburgh-bound services playable between Haymarket and Edinburgh Waverley.
The majority of players will also see East Coast Main Line layers with the LNER Class 801 Azuma that appear as AI services at Edinburgh Waverley.
Following feedback from the community, Rivet Games have stated that they are working on adding further services into the timetable, including Cowdenbeath, Scottish Heritage and Railtour services as part of a post-release patch.
Free Roam will give players the option to run Class 170 services in and amongst the timetable of ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow as well as other routes in their collection!
There'll be collectibles to pick up as in all route Add-ons, with unique seal plushies dotted around the environment to pick up!
Train Sim World 4: Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh - Markinch via Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy route Add-on is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99
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Train Sim World 4
26 Mar
Fife Circle Line – Out Now!