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TSW: Fabulous San Francisco!

The hustle and bustle of Caltrain’s scenic railroad, which races its way along the San Francisco Peninsula, is available now for Train Sim World 2020.

Here’s 10 things to try in Train Sim World: Peninsula Corridor

I… Felidae Fantastic

Climb aboard and experience an American commuter classic in the form of the F40PH-2CAT, which Caltrain employ on the bulk of their passenger services along the Peninsula Corridor. Forget purring, the classic Electro Motive F40s roar along the line and offer a most unique and memorable operational experience.

II… Control from on High

Accompanying the 2CAT is Caltrain’s “Gallery” cars, which with their double-deck layout allow for increased capacity (and a good vantage point for sightseeing!) At the end of the consist resides a cab car, that enables Caltrain to operate push-pull services instead of needing to run F40s around the coaches after every trip. With their cabs perched at the top of the coach, you’ll be riding high on the Peninsula Corridor.

III… Geep-lead Duties

There’s more to it than just passenger operations, Union Pacific tote freight along the Peninsula Corridor and you can partake in these duties from the ever-reliable GP38-2. If you’re familiar with CSX’s GP38-2 then be sure to take note of the railroad-specific details that have changed to represent the Union Pacific variant, complete with changes to the cab, horns, headlight configuration and more.

IV… Move People

Caltrain are in charge of shifting over 60,000 passengers every weekday with an array of local and semi-fast services on their complex timetable. In Train Sim World’s rendition of the Peninsula Corridor, you too can carry this responsibility, calling at the 20+ stations along the route and keeping communities connected – can you keep to time and stop at each of the stations correctly?

V… Keep Industries Alive

Haul freight along the Peninsula Corridor with plenty of Geeps at your disposal, switch and cut together hoppers then unload aggregate for the local businesses. Working within the bustling timetable of Caltrain means you don’t always have priority, so learning your braking distances with various loads is essential as you could meet plenty of adverse signals along the way.

VI… Go on a Journey

Across 3 chapters, the Peninsula Corridor journey will get you up to speed and turn you into an engineer well suited San Francisco life; progress your locomotive skills and become proficient along the peninsula as you enjoy over 24 hours of non-stop railroading! Once you’re done, you still have a ton of experiences to keep yourself busy, in total there are 5 scenarios and 156 timetabled services.

VII… San Jose Scrub-up

The Centralized Equipment Maintenance & Operations Facility (handily shortened down to just CEMOF) is Caltrain’s motive power hub, and after a long day of commuter railroading it’s the perfect place for the F40s and Gallery cars to settle down for the night – but not before going for a quick wash!

VIII… Jobs Aplenty

The successful operation of a railroad is more than just driving trains, and on the Peninsula Corridor, there are plenty of jobs going spare. Help passengers get familiar with the line by placing route maps, help tourism boom by putting up posters that advertise the beauty of San Francisco, ensure safety by adding additional trespass notices along the route, and keep revenue flying in by bringing additional ticket machines into service.

IX… Gettin’ to the Thing

Take a day off and marvel in the sights as a passenger, you can hop on board, choose your seat on either deck, and just go for a ride. Once at your destination of choice, your options are many fold, you can go for a walk, take control of the next service you find, or even…

X… Remarkable Railfanning

Choose a location perfect for getting a good look at the day-to-day services of the Peninsula Corridor and just watch the passenger and freight trains roll by, dabble in the world of photography by taking screenshots as the action unfolds, and share your efforts with your fellow Caltrain railfans.
With so much to offer, and plenty of improvements ushered in with Train Sim World 2020, there has never been a better time to climb on board, and with the Digital Deluxe Edition, you can get the Peninsula Corridor and kick off or expand your collection in shining silver style!
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Train Sim World
22 Aug
TSW: Fabulous San Francisco!
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