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TSW: Explore the Coastway!

Take a trip to Southern England and discover the thrill and challenge of complex rail operations with Train Sim World: East Coastway which is available now!

Here’s 10 things to try in Train Sim World: East Coastway

I... Discover the 377

Climb aboard one of the most recognisable EMUs in Britain, the modern BR Class 377/4. Electrostars of all shapes and sizes are used on many electrified commuter networks in England, and Southern own a fleet of 74 377/4 units, many of which are put to work on the East Coastway line. Their performance and diverse interior make then perfectly suited for hauling millions of passengers every year.

II... Experience the 66

Freight on the East Coastway comes in the form of aggregate runs out of Newhaven, and what better traction for the job than the BR Class 66 – reliable and powerful, the “Sheds” work hard to deliver on schedule, and you’ll be at the helm of it all day in and day out.

III... Operate a Complex Timetable

Southern keep people of the East Coastway moving by means of their timetable; 6 trains an hour depart Brighton and head East, with 2 terminating at Lewes, another 2 heading down to Seaford and the final pair making their way down to Eastbourne. All told, when combined with depot moves and empty stock runs, you have over 230 passenger-orientated timetabled services to experience.

IV... Perform Aggregate Duties

The aggregate sidings at Newhaven are where trains are loaded before heading north, and it’ll be your job to take empty JNA wagons down to the sidings, get them loaded with aggregate, run around the consists and take the loaded trains back to Lewes.

V... Tackle Unique Challenges

It’s not always plain sailing on the East Coastway, sometimes the world has its way and disruption becomes inevitable – nothing that can’t be dealt with however! All told, the 2 included training sessions and 5 scenarios let you get a taste of railway operations on good and bad days alike...

VI... Go on a Journey

Experience over 20 hours of sequential training, scenario and timetabled operations with East Coastway’s included journey. Across 2 chapters, you’ll be taking charge of both passenger and freight duties across the route, learning the ins and outs of the BR Class 377/4 and 66 while becoming familiar with the line and timetable, refining the art of timeliness that such a complex, modern network demands.

VII... Take in the Scenery

Sit back and watch the scenery roll by as a passenger on the BR Class 377/4, pick a service of your liking then take a seat – you have plenty to choose from! The Class 377 is rather unique in its interior layout, with the end coaches featuring a 2+2 seating configuration (plus first class), and the intermediate coaches having 3+2.

VIII... Southern Spotting

There’s plenty of trains running about on the East Coastway, and you can pick a station/vantage point of your choosing and watch the day-to-day action unfold. Practically everything calls at Lewes, but should you pick a quieter intermediate station, you’ll have both stopping and express trains racing through.

IX... Keep the Coastway Running

It’s not just driving that keeps things on the move, there’s a number of additional jobs for you to perform should you wish to do so; place route maps so passengers can get familiar with the network, bring additional ticket machines into use so everyone can travel, repair fences to ensure safety and promote clean transport by installing bicycle pumps.

X... Go on a Tour

Running a modern and efficient railway leaves little room for additional services, however that’s not stopped the heritage scene from thriving on the mainline, and on the East Coastway you can take control of an additional railtour service between Lewes and Eastbourne! For this railtour to appear you require Northern Trans-Pennine for the Mk2 coaches, then any traction associated with either NTP or the Tees Valley Line can be used on this once-a-day special.
Hours of diverse operations ready for you to delve into with Train Sim World: East Coastway, which is available now!
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12 Dec
TSW: Explore the Coastway!
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