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City Transport Simulator: Tram, Steam Early Access

If you're continually seeking different kinds of rail simualation experiences and playing on Steam, then today is a good day for you! City Transport Simulator: Tram launches for Early Access on Steam.
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City Transport Simulator: Tram, Early Access on Steam

Get the full details over in our dedicated City Transport Simulator: Tram launch article.

About City Transport Simulator: Tram

City Transport Simulator: Tram is the next title that we're publishing in collaboration with Austrian Developer ViewApp.
Like our previous title TramSim - Console Edition, you will be playing the role of a tram driver, transporting passengers to their destinations, but this time around the city of Tramau. Choose from three true-to-life real-world trams, each with its own cab, interior, mode, and function. Pick up and drop off passengers while adhering to the timetable as you become familiar with your favourite tram.
Brand new to City Transport Simulator: Tram is the introduction of a Career Mode! As Tramau’s new tram operations manager, it’s up to you to turn around the fortunes of the city’s tram network. Develop your tram operation into a city-spanning tram network by starting with limited resources and just one tram. As you progress and earn XP, you’ll increase the number of trams in your fleet, customise and edit your own timetables, and place over 100 possible tramlines wherever you like in order to link up 39 stations.
The long-term vision for City Transport Simulator is over time to bring additional transport modes, expanding the maps and modes - these will be added via new paid-for releases, DLC and expansions. All of these will come after full launch, as separate releases.
You can read about all the 'Stops' on the CTS Roadmap in the dedicated article.

Early Access available now on Steam

You can head over to Steam and pick up City Transport Simulator: Tram at the lower Early Access price of £24.99/29.99€/$29.99 and gain access to shiny new trams we’re still working on; the ULF A1, and a modern Viennese tram, which you'll gain access to when they release!
You can find out more in the City Transport Simulator: Tram launch article, heading to the City Transport Simulator Website or by following us and developer ViewApp on socials:
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20 Jun
City Transport Simulator: Tram, Steam Early Access