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Creators Club - Dovetail Live Login

We have seen an increase in users experiencing loading issues while using Creators Club Beta. The most common cause for this, is that you need to log out and back in to your Dovetail Live account.
Below is a guide to help with the process of logging in and out of Dovetail Live.
If you follow these steps and continue to have loading issues with Creators Club Beta please submit a support ticket.
This guide will take you through signing out of Dovetail Live and then signing back in. This process is often necessary if Dovetail Live relates features are not working as expected.


Open Train Sim World 2


Select a Route
If a Journey is automatically loaded when selecting a route, please see the following instructions before moving on to step 3.
How do I access the route menu without loading a Journey?
If you do not wish to automatically load a journey when selecting a route from the main menu, then you will need to disable "Auto Load Journeys" from the settings menu. You can access the settings menu by pausing the game and holding the L1/Left Bumper button to show Options.
How to disable "Auto-load Journeys"
  • Open Train Sim World 2
  • Go to Settings, Game
  • Scroll down to "Auto-load Journeys"
  • Change this option to Off
  • Press Apply


Navigate to the Settings menu using the LB/RB or L1/R1 buttons on your controller.


Press the Y or Triangle button on your controller to Logout of Dovetail Live.


You will be prompted with a warning that "Dovetail Live save data will be deleted" but this is only temporary data gathered in that session, it will not affect your long-term progress or save data.


Select Yes, Exit and restart the game.


When starting Train Sim World 2 for the next time you will be prompted to Sign in to Dovetail Live.


Now enter your email address and password (case sensitive) without leaving any spaces before or after, then press Connect.


Exit and Restart the game one more time.


Lastly, you will be prompted for your consent to link your Dovetail Live account to your console provider's account. This will automatically log you in each time you start the game. (This step is optional)
Train Sim World 4
Creators Club - Dovetail Live Login