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Centro Regional Railways Class 323 – Out Now!

Celebrate the Centro brand with the first Train Sim World release by Partner Programme Developer SimTrack Studios. Centro Regional Railways Class 323 Add-on is out now!
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Adding 323221 to the roster

Last year, West Midlands Railway decided to apply the 1990s era Centro livery to one of its Class 323 units: no.323221. After a visit to Soho Depot, home of social media’s Hunslet the Bear, the unit re-entered service with its new, nostalgic colours on 19th December 2022.
Class 323s were seen in this livery during the 1990s, along with other trains, bus stations and wider transport material produced in the Birmingham and Black Country areas. Commuters of the time will no doubt be familiar with the blue, green and yellow hues, slightly amended for its application on 323221 today.

Additional Scenarios and features

SimTrack are a new Partner Programme Developer to Train Sim World, making their debut by bringing 323221’s livery to life in-game. You can read a little more about SimTrack in our November Roadmap, where they introduce themselves to the Train Sim World Community.
The Class 323 EMU has been a popular addition to Train Sim World, first seeing light in the Birmingham Cross-City route Add-on (required to make use of the Centro 323 Add-on), before appearing again in Glossop Line and in Train Sim World 4’s Training Center, where it is shown with some of the experimental Suspension features coming in a later Core Update.
Notable features and updates on SimTrack’s version of the Class 323 include:
  • Centro livery as seen on the real-world 323221
  • Interactive Stabling Tail Lamp under the driver’s seat, required during two of the additional Scenarios
  • Updated Train Sim World 4 rain effects on the windscreen
  • Toggleable ‘Hunslet the Bear’ sitting in the cab!
Hunslet the Bear is Soho Depot’s loveable mascot, seen on social media making rolling stock inspections, receiving units at the depot and even time in the cab! As well as being a collectible along the Birmingham Cross-City route (players are required to provide them with hi-vis jackets), they can now be featured in the cab in-game too as part of the Centro Class 323 Add-on.
Five new Scenarios will also be added to Birmingham Cross-City as part of this Add-on, which feature some additions to the environment, including Flashing Emergency Indicators.
Some minor updates and improvements to the West Midlands Railway Class 323, such as fixed PIS displays and the Secondman seat now being usable, will also be implemented for Train Sim World 4 players that own Birmingham Cross-City.
But that’s not all from SimTrack Studios! Readers of our exciting December Roadmap will have seen a tease for their next bit of Train Sim World content, which should pique (or should that be, ‘peak’) the interest of DMU fans...
Centro Regional Railways BR Class 323 Add-on is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £4.99/€5.99/$5.99
Making use of the Add-on and its Scenarios requires Train Sim World 4 and the Train Sim World Compatible: Birmingham Cross-City Line route Add-on.
Train Sim World Compatible: Birmingham Cross-City Line: Lichfield - Bromsgrove & Redditch is available separately for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99
Epic Games players can get 30% off Birmingham Cross-City until 10th January 2024 in the Epic Games Holiday Sale!
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14 Dec
Centro Regional Railways Class 323 – Out Now!